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INTREN’s EVP of Operations and Business Development Matt Turk and Business Development Director James Althoff mingle with a few political powerhouses at the annual McHenry County Lincoln Leadership Dinner this past Saturday in Crystal Lake, IL.

The event, held by the McHenry County Republican Party, included attendees Illinois’ Governor Bruce Rauner, Illinois State Senator Pam Althoff and Illinois State Representative Nick Sauer (all pictured).

The honored guest was Captain Rtd. Thomas Frosch, a United States Navy, Blue Angels Captain & Pilot.

Intren with Illinois Governor Bruce RaunerIntren gathers for a group photo at Illinois Leadership Republican Dinner

Team INTREN stands outside of their new office in Middle River, MDIn February, INTREN’s growing Gas Department moved into their new office in Middle River, Maryland, a northwest suburb of Baltimore. There to welcome 6 new crew members and check out our new 'digs' was Matthew Turk Executive Vice President, Operations and Business Development, Doug Anderson Account Manager, Adam Vos Project Manager, Jeff Nauman Vice President Gas and Ben Foder Assistant Project Manager. 

A helicopter removes utility polesRecently, INTREN’s Midwest overhead crews safely removed 120 utility poles over a 4.5-mile stretch in the Forest Preserve District of Will County’s Lockport Prairie Nature Preserve in Lockport Township. The utility poles were removed to enable the utility company easy access to the newly located poles so as not to disturb the Hine's Emerald Dragonfly Habitat located in the preserve.

The original project plan from the utility customer detailed removing all the poles by helicopter to limit intrusion to the endangered dragonfly habitat.  Upon further review of the original plan, the INTREN overhead management team suggested a revised plan to also utilize rail equipment to limit ground exposure in the sensitive habitat, to increase overall efficiency and to reduce project duration to meet permit constraints. The customer approved the revised plan and INTREN crews implemented it. Leading the project for INTREN were Assistant Project Manager Ryan Kasten, General Foreman Aaron Dyer and Senior Project Manager Bill Nightingale. 

Of the 120 utility poles to be removed, three quarters of the poles were removed by Hy-Rail equipment (equipment mounted on the tracks), while the remaining poles were removed by helicopter.  For the utility pole locations not reachable by rail, INTREN crews accessed them on foot -- via environmentally friendly paths to avoid sensitive rivulet areas -- in order to climb the poles to install conductor dolly blocks and remove the existing wire.  The poles will be cut at ground level so as not to disturb the rare dolomite prairie habitat located in the preserve.

Crews transported the removed poles to an area outside of the environmentally protected area, where they were stripped down and chopped for recycling, lessening the impact to the environment. 

Construct ProgramAs a founding construction industry member of ComEd’s CONSTRUCT program, which kicks-off its 5th year this week, we at INTREN are excited to be part of the team of the 31 construction industry companies, three local utilities and seven social service agencies in the Chicagoland area.  This year marks the largest class to date – 90 participants will go through a 9-week job training program that provides the training and skills needed to compete for entry-level jobs in the construction-related industry.  Visit INTREN’s YouTube page to see more on CONSTRUCT or read more about CONSTRUCT in ComEd’s recent press release.

Certified woman-owned businesses attended a Women's Business Development Center and WEC Corporate Partner event - Teaming for Contracts: Creating Collaborative Partnerships to Grow Your Business exclusively for established businesses. Wisconsin businesses interested in leveraging their certification with major corporations and government agencies to access contract opportunities were offered the opportunity to learn about forming profitable partnerships to grow their business at this event.

Presenting at the meeting and sharing their story on how they joined forces to improve their bottom line and to begin to change the face of construction were our very own Founder & CEO, Loretta Rosenmayer and Trice Construction President & CEO, Stephanie Hickman.

Hosted by Jerry Fulmer, Vice President - Supplier Diversity with WEC Energy Group, Jerry also provided valuable information about their supplier diversity program initiatives to the captive audience, which included INTREN Account Manager Brenda Gunnink. 

ENR Reporter, Jennifer Seward, did an inspiring 'Leadership Profile' on Loretta Rosenmayer in the February 13th issue of ENR's national magazine.  It included quotes from Exelon Executive Vice President Bridget Reidy, WBDC President and CEO Emilia DiMenco and INTREN Executive Vice President of Operations & Business Development Matt Turk. Click here to read:

Another great day was spent with the kids at the John R. Tibbott Elementary School in Bolingbrook, Illinois on Tuesday, January 24th for INTREN’s 6th JA-In-A-Day.  Twenty-nine INTREN volunteers taught 19 different classes ranging from kindergarten to third grade, for a total of over 520 students, the knowledge and skills they need to own their economic success, plan for their futures, and make smart academic and economic choices. Junior Achievement's (JA) programs—in the core content areas of work readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy—ignite the spark in young people to experience and realize the opportunities and realities of work and life in the 21st century.

As you can see by the photos below, all of our volunteers enjoyed their time with the kids at Tibbott!  Thank you to all our wonderful INTREN volunteers for another great JAID!!

Illinois-Based Utility Contractor Now Works on Power lines from Power Generation to Home Delivery 

With 29 years built on servicing the nation’s energy distribution needs, utility contractor INTREN has made its electrical services full circle for utilities as it announces the creation of its Electric Transmission department. Traditionally operating as a contractor for utilities substation and distribution needs, the addition of its electric transmission service offering provides INTREN the opportunity to work on all power lines from energy generation to delivery at a home or business.

“For an organization that does distribution power and substations already, offering transmission services is the next logical step in our business model,” said Regional Vice President Jason Combs. “INTREN has developed a team that consists of management and field personnel with vast transmission experience and knowledge. The flexibility and mobility of our workforce will be key while discussing work with our partners nationwide.”

Combs, who has been with INTREN since 2013, will oversee the electric transmission department made up of field personnel and management with vast transmission experience and knowledge. Combs brings over 20-years’ experience in both in both transmission and distribution systems. The department will be stationed in Concord, Cali., and serve as a hub for all operations nationwide.

“This new service aligns perfectly with INTREN’s vision to continue to be a steward within the industry and communities in which we serve,” said Director of Business Development James Althoff. “There is a need for qualified and capable contractors to perform this transmission work. The development and implementation of this transmission department is just another solution INTREN brings to the table to fulfill our clients’ needs.”

For more information, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Brian Carlin Hired as Account Manager to Head New Midwest East Division

To further key partnerships with utilities in Midwest and East Coast states, nationwide utility contractor INTREN has announced the creation of a new division, Midwest East, and the appointment of Account Manager Brian Carlin.

“This group has a successful track record of completing work that others fear or simply cannot do,” said Carlin. “Our team looks forward to building relationships based off not just one discipline or capability, but multiple disciplines to show value and establish trust.”

Leading the new division, Carlin, who was previously the director of utilities with an established utility provider in northwest Ohio, will bring with him 27 years of experience. Carlin has held several positions in the industry, including power generation, power sales, water and fiber-optic communication. Based out of Cincinnati, Ohio, Carlin and the newly established division will continue work in Ohio, Indiana, Michigan and Kentucky.

“Carlin’s extensive experience and relationships in the industry and Midwest region will be an asset to INTREN as we grow this new division,” said Regional Vice President, Midwest, Dennis Bednarski. “We would like to thank Steve Littrell, Account Manager for Midwest South (MWS), for his leadership in fostering this region. The addition of Carlin will allow Steve to support INTREN’s growth in the MWS region.”

INTREN’s divisions are created and named based off the business unit and geographical location of the work and client. This division and region was previously part of INTREN’s Midwest South, led by INTREN Account Manager Steve Littrell. In July 2016, Littrell began the transition with Carlin, scheduled to be completed by February 2017. 

For more information, contact Midwest East Account Manager Brian Carlin.

With environmental concerns being at the forefront of today’s issues, INTREN has made a commitment towards sustainability to help reduce our carbon footprint.  Since 2011, INTREN has participated in the Electric Utility Industry Sustainable Supply Chain Alliance (EUISSCA), which assists in measuring our carbon footprint and setting reduction goals.  Since then, we have also begun to make long-term investments in technology and techniques that reduce emissions, one of those being our idle program.

It has been reported that every engine idling hour can cost up to $1.25 in fuel, which can add up to $456.25 annually if left idling for just one hour every single day.  In addition, research has shown that around 3.8 million gallons of fuel is wasted by idling in the United States per year.  One gallon of gas burned emits around 20 lbs. of carbon dioxide.  Thus, as a result, nearly 76 million lbs. of carbon dioxide is emitted annually in the US due to idling.  In addition to contributing to ground-level ozone, tailpipe emissions can also cause an array of health problems such as lung diseases and cancer. 

After seeing the problems that engine idling can cause, INTREN has taken proactive steps to try to create a cleaner environment. As stated above, our company has made commitments and set goals with regard to reducing energy consumption.  We are encouraging all INTREN employees to help reduce emissions by turning their key to be idle free.  We are also installing GPS trackers and tracking vehicles that idle over 20 hours a week. All of these efforts will help to reduce the environmental and health impacts seen from vehicle idling that affects our own families as well as our customers.  In fact, INTREN has been able to trend our idling downward before winter began where there tends to be a natural spike.

To learn more about INTREN’s commitment to environmental sustainability, please visit