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Matt Turk and Kelly Tomblin of INTREN with Melody Birmingham-Byrd of Duke EnergyINTREN was honored to receive Duke Energy’s 2019 Excellence Award for Diverse Supplier of the Year during their 4th Annual Supplier Exchange Forum held in Charlotte, North Carolina on October 29th.

The Diverse Supplier of the Year award is presented to a supplier based on several factors including, but not limited to, spend growth and the supplier’s performance and safety record.

“INTREN’s commitment to leading the industry in diversity, equality, and inclusion – along with its exceptional service makes it well-deserving of this award,” said Melody Birmingham-Byrd, Duke Energy’s Chief Procurement Officer.

INTREN is one of the largest female-owned and operated electric and gas infrastructure construction companies in the country and has a female-majority board with founder Loretta Rosenmayer presiding at the helm.
Duke Energy’s business with INTREN has grown exponentially since 2012 and now encompasses 5-different work types, including a civil underground construction division that is approaching 4-years incident-free.

“This honor is the result of our dedicated leaders and crews in both Ohio and Indiana, who exemplify excellence in all they do,” said CEO Kelly Tomblin. “We couldn’t be prouder of our partnership with Duke Energy. Since we share the same values of service, safety, innovation, and stewardship, our work is more meaningful.”

INTREN has embraced diversity, equality and inclusion at its core from its inception. “It’s in our DNA and the very foundation of who we are as a company,” said Executive Vice President of Customer Solutions Matthew Turk. “We believe that a diverse workplace fosters creativity and innovation, while allowing the company and employees to reach their full potential to deliver safe, high quality service.”

This week, INTREN also took a pledge with over 800 leading CEOs to advance and act on diversity and inclusion in the work place. Read more about it here.

Kelly Tomblin joins over 800 leading CEO’s in pledge to support diversity, equality and inclusion

INTREN, a leading provider of innovative utility solutions, today announced that Kelly Tomblin, the company’s Chief Executive Officer has signed the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion™ pledge (CEO Action). CEO Action is the largest CEO-driven business commitment for advancing diversity and inclusion in the workplace. INTREN is the first utility contractor to participate in this global pledge.

Kelly Tomblin commented, “Diversity and Inclusion is a business development and talent retention strategy for innovation, creativity and advanced customer solutions. We’re now taking it one step further and adding ‘Equality’ to our commitment. In today’s business environment, it’s no longer just the right thing to do. When you articulate your business strategy as including a talent strategy, it has more teeth and affects every value and every aspect of our company.”

In continuing the legacy of INTREN’s owner, Loretta Rosenmayer, Tomblin actively demonstrates a steadfast commitment to building on the company’s DEI mission: to lead the industry in diversity, equality and inclusion by advocating for a workforce that reflects and embraces the diversity within the communities they serve, the nation, and the world.

“Company legacies should never end. They must continue to grow with each new experience we have and carry our company to our next phase of growth” stated Tomblin. “This pledge is our next step, and CEO Action clearly proves our actions across the business community to accelerate sharing, accountability and impact. At each step we take, we will continue to identify our unconscious bias , which in turn will provide us with greater clarity and depth of thought to further improve our commitment to diversity, equality and inclusion.”

By working with top executive leaders throughout the country, INTREN will continue to drive accountability and progress to reinforce the principle of shared learning. They will also take part in forums to elevate the Diversity, Equality and Inclusion conversation to their board through concrete, strategic action plans to accelerate their commitments to CEO Action.


INTREN, is a certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE), and one of the largest owned and operated in the utility contractor sector, along with a woman-majority board of directors. As an innovative solutions partner, they have remained dedicated to building and maintaining the infrastructure of the energy industry for over 30 years. The company’s culture of stewardship and diversity guides INTREN to care for others’ priorities as if they were their own. Through an unwavering commitment to safety, integrity, customer focus and employee empowerment, the company is ranked as one of the top specialty contractors in the country. As an industry leader, INTREN is proud to serve many of the country’s foremost utility companies, private contractors and developers, municipalities and cooperatives.

About CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion™

CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion™ is the largest CEO-driven business commitment to advance diversity and inclusion within the workplace. Bringing together nearly 800 CEOs and presidents of America's leading businesses, academic institutions and nonprofits representing more than 14 million employees, the commitment outlines actions that participating organizations pledge to take to cultivate a workplace where diverse perspectives and experiences are welcomed and respected, employees feel comfortable and encouraged to discuss diversity and inclusion, and where best known—and unsuccessful—actions can be shared across organizations. Learn more at

Engineering News-Record’s Top 600 Specialty Rankings are out and INTREN jumped to #48 from #54 in 2018 and remained in the #7 position within the Utility Sector. We are so proud of our INTREN family from coast-to-coast for continuing to outperform every day! You can read ENR’s rankings @
INTREN has been nominated to lead the planning and organizational efforts of the Nicor Gas Contractor Safety Forums for 2020. It will be driven by Corporate Safety Manager Simon Dawson, who has been part of this year’s planning committee. INTREN’s one-year appointment began at the close of the October 17, 2019 meeting.
The Forum started in April 2018 and is a partnership between Nicor and the 43 contractors that work within their footprint. The grass roots enterprise fosters an avenue of communication and allows contractors to discuss ongoing safety, quality and efficiency issues, as well as share examples of good catches and exceptional performance in the field.
Held at the Nicor facility in Naperville, each quarterly forum consists of topics that are decided on and presented by contractors, as well as information and expectations that are supplied by Nicor’s contract management team.
Past topics have included Damage Prevention, Quality Assurance, Environmental Concerns, Audit Trending, Hazard Communication, Traffic Control, Safety Culture Share, and Injury Prevention.
Each year, one of the 43 contractors is chosen to lead the planning and organizational efforts. INTREN is the third contractor to hold this position.
INTREN's Lloyd Gillespie, Pete Becker, Ben Turk, and Brian Creighton participated (and won!) ComEd's OCC Golf outing held this past Friday in Joliet, Illinois. Word on the street is that Anne Pramaggiore, senior executive vice president and CEO of Exelon Utilities, has banned Lloyd from winning any more ComEd golf outings, but that doesn't seem to have stopped him!
CEO Kelly Tomblin was hobnobbing last night with Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, the city's first black female and first openly gay leader. They both were attending the Federation of Women Contractors' 30th Anniversary Celebration, which honored Founder Loretta Rosenmayer and other long-standing members who have supported the FWC for 25 years or more.

The Chicago organization is commitment to advocating for women-owned businesses and women executives in the Construction Industry and has helped countless women find their voice and achieve their goals. #FederationofWomenContractors #WomeninConstruction
A cancer survivor stands with our pink helmet-wearing crew
Today was extra special. INTREN cable replacement crew members Lance Moon and Larry Palmer were working in a Buffalo Grove, IL subdivision when Peggy, a 23-year ovarian cancer survivor, asked to take a photo with the men. She truly appreciated them wearing their pink hard hats and supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month. #OutPerformingEveryday #TeamPINK
Matthew Turk and INTREN Board Member Sherina Maye EdwardsExec VP Matthew Turk, Operations Director Sarah Douglas and Business Development Manager Lloyd Gillespie attended the ICC Utility Supplier Diversity Policy Hearing being held today in Chicago. Pictured is the INTREN team, Matthew Turk and INTREN Board Member Sherina Maye Edwards.
In its September newsletter, our utility customer recognized Jacob Hutslar and his crew for their dedication to safety. Their attention to detail, preparation and teamwork was identified as part of their "tried and true" method of creating a safe work environment. Pictured in their Spotlight are GF Cody Price, Foreman Jacob Hutslar, and Journeymen Linemen Jeston Clopein, Scott Webber and Jimmy McKenna. #Outperforming.Everyday
Intren at Ameren Diversity Summit
INTREN executives were out in full force at Ameren's Supplier Diversity Symposium being held this week in St. Louis. From speakers to workshops, our team was busy building powerful connections with Ameren's CEO Warner Baxter and Supply Chain & Chief Procurement Officer Pardeep Gill.

Ameren has long been focused on the growth and development of diverse suppliers in key areas, such as supply chain, which includes sourcing, materials management, warehousing, logistics, and procurement.

Pictured are Sarah Douglas, Matt Guenzler, Marco Martinez, Pardeep Gill, Cornell Barnett, Jon Grant and Kelly Tomblin