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Thank you to our Cincinnati team for #OutPerformingEveryday!

"I would like to thank the team of workers who put up the new telephone poles and disconnected/reconnected them on my street. They were all very professional and courteous as they all worked together with safety in mind, for themselves and the vehicles speeding by them."

-- Homeowner, Lebanon, Ohio
Brandon Arnold of Intren"I go to work every day with the idea in mind that the work we do as a crew is not only essential to keeping the lights on but also critical to the families in our communities to keep them safe from the damaging wildfires that have ravaged California for years. We are making a difference, one pole at a time. That is what makes me #INTRENStrong."

-- Brandon Arnold, Journeyman Lineman
Mike Baney of Intren"My passion has always been fabrication and design and watching ideas come to life," said Journeyman Mechanic Mike Baney. "Life hasn't changed much for me, but I am proud to upfit or refurbish a truck and make it easier for our crews to work more efficiently."

Many thanks to Mike and our Fleet Department from coast-to-coast. You are the unsung heroes that keep INTREN running! Together, we are #INTRENStrong! #OutPerformingEveryday
Water bottles from PathoSansA gracious thank you to PathoSans​ who is producing and donating 5,000 gallons of surface disinfectant a day for #essentialworkers! More than 30 municipalities, first responders, and hospitals in the Chicagoland area have been able to pick up what they needed to kill the COVID-19 virus (among many others) on hard surfaces, such as trucks, tools, and countertops.
Facilities Administrator Jessica Bernardi picked up 20 gallons of the disinfectant and dropped them off at some of the major yards in the Chicagoland area and will be going back for more.
PathoSans, an 80-year old company that manufactures the machines that make sanitizer, wanted to help Governor Pritzker and Illinois, so they applied for a special permit to distribute the disinfectant locally. Their sanitizing machines are used at Disney World (160 of them!), as well as school districts throughout the state.

Thank you for your generosity and for being a #companythatcares! #DoingEssentialWork
Dean Davis of IntrenHow are our crews remaining #INTRENStrong during this pandemic? According to Dean Davis, General Foreman of Civil & Electrical Inspections in St. Louis, "It's all in the type of personality you have- the "lead, follow or get out of the way" persona. We are fortunate enough that we have the type-A personalities to lead and work safely, not just for themselves, but for their family and crew, as well as the pedestrians that pass by our job site."

Thank you to Dean and his crews for #doingessentialwork #OutPerformingEveryday
John Sieminski and Tyler Vogt of IntrenOur two most recent graduates of the Green Hard Hat program are representing the East Coast as part of our BG&E gas team.
John Sieminski, pictured on the left wearing an Orioles hat, was given his new hat by GF Vince Fiorenza.
Tyler Vogt, pictured on the right without a hat, was given his new hat by Foreman James Piotrowski.
Congratulations to both of you, and thanks for developing as part of our Intren team.

Steve ArrigoniCongratulations to Illinois General Foreman Steve Arrigoni who just retired and a tremendous thank you for spending your last 13-years with INTREN!

Steve performed a variety of work for INTREN, mostly in faults, as well as cable replacement, storm response, cable injection, fiber, and overhead, as well as regularly attended community and stewardship events on the company’s behalf.

“Steve was not only a professional lineman fully committed to excellence in his craft and safety, but he was a great teacher and mentor to the young apprentices,” said Executive Vice President Matthew Turk. “He worked in a number of our school programs with the Junior Achievement organization of Will County and gave countless school demonstrations to motivate young people to get into the trade. Steve was always full of humor, always happy, and always willing to share. He will be tough to replace. We are so grateful he was part of our family.”

Prior to INTREN, Steve had worked for Local Union 9 since 1981 and for two other construction companies, first as a Journeyman Lineman, then a Foreman, then a General Foreman, where he worked primarily on URD distribution and CTA projects.

"INTREN gave me the empowerment to be myself and run work as if I owned the company," said Steve. "I wanted to be the best."

And, Steve, you were ‘the best’! We will miss you!

The Riverside CrewExecutive Vice President Matthew Turk and Business Development's Cornell Barnett recently visited overhead crews that were working on a 4kV/12kV transformer conversion in Riverside, Illinois. With the new transformers and wiring already hung, the timeframe was extremely tight to switch over to the upgraded system. 
So, with 12 crews set up in 12 yards, our linemen coordinated the conversion seamlessly and well within the planned outage. Hats off to our crews for #OutPerformingEveryday #INTRENStrong 
Baltimore Transmission ProjectINTREN Overhead Distribution crews are #doingessentialwork for our utility customer on a 9-month project that includes building new feeds for a substation and water treatment plant in Baltimore. One of the most vital projects the city has ever undertaken, it entails double circuit 34kV sub-transmission re-conduct, and 3-miles of 795 wire being pulled- all on poles that range from 55 to 80 feet. 
Thank you to our East Coast crews for being #INTRENStrong and working on critical infrastructure during this unprecedented time! #OutPerformingEveryday #INTRENStrong
Rock Island CrewIn the Quad Cities this week, INTREN's MWN Gas crews are installing gas main near our Rock Island office. Foreman John Terrill and his crew are fusing together 4" main with Superintendent Frank Robledo observing, while Foreman Jason Dale's crew members are installing 2" main.

The MWN Gas team is led by VP Jeff Nauman, Sr. PM Adam Vos and Superintendent Frank Robledo and is in the second year of a 5-year contract to replace over 140 miles of low-pressure gas main and almost 18,000 services in the Quad Cities of Iowa and Illinois and Iowa City, Iowa. Go GAS!!! #INTRENStrong #OutPerformingEveryday