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At a luncheon on Wednesday, July 1st, interns got a chance to meet and mingle with one another as well as Loretta, Lance and the rest of the executives behind INTREN. Loretta and Lance shared their words of wisdom with us, and Loretta added her favorite Dr. Seuss quote:

"Look at me! Look at me! Look at me NOW! It's fun to have fun but you have to know how!"

After being asked to share a "fun fact," we discovered that each intern truly has something interesting about them. For example, one intern has broken 44 bones. Another intern had the opportunity to do social media at the Wimbledon tennis tournament.

In order to continually build strength and increase our flexibility in an ever-changing market, our college internship recruitment program has been developed with the specific goal of investing significant training time on college students with interests parallel to ours. Our internship program provides opportunity for college students to apply what they are learning in school to the real world. Students are tasked with various different projects throughout their internship that relate to their major field of study.

Top: Kylie Nightingale (HR), Brendan Juno (IT), Zita Prutos (Finance), Rudy Rosenmayer (Accounting)

Bottom: Michael Gannon (Cable Replacement), Jacob Auer (Construction Management), Kelton Oberle (Safety), Katie Cappas (Business Development), Ryan Rasmussen (Business Development), Logan Rosenmayer (Cable Replacement)

Executive Vice President Matt Turk was buzzing with excitement upon returning from his trip to San Jose, CA in mid - May to see the newly relocated L²CMS office.  Led by Account Manager Sarah Douglas, the L² office (pronounced El Squared) has an average age of just 35 years old!

Sarah describes the culture of the office as vibrant, driven and goal-orientated. The office is also diverse – with 38% of the office represented by women, along a handful of different nationalities represented.  Many employees are fluent in several languages including:  English, Spanish, Russian, Mongolian, and Vietnamese.  “The team's unique background, the energy of the office, and the family atmosphere is what gives L² a very inclusive and dynamic environment. Everyone shows up to perform – they want to succeed!” states Sarah.

One of our newest employees, Guyen Enkhbileg, started back in February and is a native of Mongolia.  Guyen spent a little over 15 months overseeing the build of the Shangri-La Hotel in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia while working an internship as a Project Engineer.  He earned his Civil Engineering degree in 2013 from San Francisco State University.

Another great example of diversity at the L² office is Ali Ataei, who moved to the United States from Iran. He received his Civil Engineering degree from Azad University in 2008 and is currently completing his Post Graduate Degree in Construction Management at California State University.

Much of the L² office is made up of degreed engineers including Civil, Mechanical and Structural along with some Business and Finance majors as well.  Adding to this list of degreed employees are three Professional Engineers on staff including Long Hoang, Marina Chekmareva and Brian Fukayama, PMP Certified.

This is certainly an exciting time for everyone at L²CMS!

INTREN has announced the opening of two new offices in the Village of Franklin Park and City of Woodstock, Illinois. The Franklin Park and Woodstock offices are the two newest in a handful of offices [MK1] in the state of Illinois.

With the opening of the Franklin Park office, the utility solutions provider plans to better service their existing clients with a location just 15 miles away from downtown Chicago and 5 miles from O’Hare International Airport. INTREN’s newest office will cater to their existing clients ComEd, Nicor and People’s Gas, by providing electrical, gas and civil underground utility solutions services out of this location.

The 33,400 square foot Franklin Park office located at 3524 Martens St., has workspace for 18 INTREN office employees. The Franklin Park office will serve as an additional base for the INTREN utility fleet and an additional corporate office for the growing utility solution provider. Additional warehouse space for vehicles and materials have also been acquired with the opening. Currently, interior rehabbing has been completed and exterior finishing is in progress, with façade work set to be completed in August.

“We will use the Franklin Park office as a base for maintenance on our fleet vehicles,” said Matt Kirchman, INTREN’s Director of Support Services Project Management. “As the company has continued to grow, it was important to acquire additional space for our staff and equipment, while choosing a location close to job sites in the Chicago area.”

INTREN’s newest office, located at 1065 Lake Avenue in Woodstock, opened July 9th, 2015, and is currently servicing clients. The 3,500 square foot office will house 14 INTREN project managers and project coordinators from the overhead electrical department. The office will not accommodate any fleet vehicles, instead focusing on project coordination and administration support.

“The growth of INTREN in the utility industry could not be more evident than with the expansion of our Franklin Park and Woodstock offices,” said INTREN President, Lance Rosenmayer. “We will continue to meet and exceed the needs of our clients by creating the right environment for our employees with strategically located offices.”

All INTREN office’s standard operating hours are from 7AM to 5PM CST. For more information regarding the opening of the Franklin Park or Woodstock offices, please call (815)923-2300.

AndersonsWhile many Americans have fun traditions with their family for the 4th of July holiday, few are like the Anderson Family and their 4th of July celebrations and traditions. Frank & Carol Anderson, the parents of Gas Account Manager Doug Anderson, recently held their 40th annual Anderson Family & Friends 4th of July Celebration in Spooner, Wisconsin. Their celebration has grown from a small family potluck lunch into an event attended by hundreds of family members and friends... what fun times they've had!

In July 2000, with their large family and many generations in attendance, the Andersons decided to use the event to raise money for many well-deserving organizations through an auction. Now in 2015, with the completion of their 15th Annual Auction, the Andersons have raised over $50,000 for organizations such as the Heart Association, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Alzheimer's Association, Habitat for Humanity, and many, many others!

We are so proud of the Anderson family and awed by the contributions they have made to their community through this wonderful and incredible family tradition. Thank you Anderson Family for OutPerforming for your communities!

To read the full article as printed in the Spooner Advocate, visit:

This June, INTREN continued its commitment to supporting more woman business enterprises at the Midwest Energy Association’s (MEA) Energetic Women Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio, and the Women's Business Enterprise National Council’s (WBENC) National Conference and Business Fair in Austin, Texas. INTREN furthered their commitment to this endeavor by sponsoring the Wednesday Evening Reception of the WBENC’s National Conference and Business Fair featuring local artisan food trucks, live music and dancing.

This year’s MEA Energetic Women drew in over 420 attendees and speakers from across the country who spoke about growing their careers, the value of mentoring in their careers and pursuing leadership roles in the energy industry. In attendance from INTREN were Ashley Hunter, Mary Lucarelli, Shannon Kendziora, Kristen Patz, Laurie Woods and Debbie Gentry.

“Attending this conference inspires me to want to learn more about the industry and achieve what some of the other women have achieved in their careers,” said INTREN Assistant Project Manager, Ashley Hunter. “I am so grateful that I am able to attend this conference and that we can send a group of INTREN women to share in the experience each year.  The more women that attend, the more information can be brought back to INTREN to develop and enhance the organization.”

INTREN attended and continued its sponsorship of the 2015 WBENC National Conference and Business Fair, whose theme this year was Join Forces. Succeed Together. Over 3,500 attendees and 300 exhibitors assembled in Austin, Texas to attend one of the largest WBE conferences. The women, and some men, had many opportunities throughout the four-day event to grow their business through networking, matchmaker meetings with potential corporate and government clients, and workshops to further their professional development.

Representing INTREN was Marketing Coordinator, Heidi Schmitt and Senior Director of Supply Chain, Pat Williams. “The insight, collaborative spirit and encouragement that each person demonstrated who we met at the conference were awe-inspiring,” said Schmitt. “Being able to network and exchange ideas and experiences with these women from all over the country who hold such pivotal roles within their organizations was an extraordinary opportunity I’m forever grateful for.” 

For more information on the MEA’s Energetic Women Conference, visit, and the WBENC National Conference and Business Fair, visit 

Last month, Utility Fleet Professional Magazine published two articles in their monthly magazine titled, The Art and Science of a Telematics Deployment, and The Final 3, discussing INTREN’s GPS technology and fleet telematics. The articles discussed tips for fleet success and INTREN’s GPS technology which has been used to improve driving behavior, cut fuel consumption, and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions which produced cost-saving opportunities throughout fleet operations.

Interviewed for the article were INTREN’s Director of Fleet Services, Jim Bishop and Senior Director of Supply Chain, Pat Williams. Bishop and Williams discussed the roll out of the GPS technology and how it has improved more than just cost efficiencies. “Our crews are all over metro Chicago, San Francisco and other areas across the country. GPS helps us to supervise and audit our crews more efficiently,” Williams said. “If you’re trying to track down a four-man crew, a phone call is a difficult way to find those guys. For example, the safety department is not directly supervising the crews, but they are responsible to go find and audit them. With GPS location data, they can locate the crews without phone calls — just find them on GPS.”

Bishop was also featured in The Final 3, an article that asks fleet professionals to share three keys to fleet success. Bishop discussed his three keys: build a support network, collaborate with the end user and pay close attention to the details. “Far too often you hear of fleet making a decision and buying what they think is the best thing, without talking with the people who are actually using the vehicle,” Bishop said. “When you include the end user in the specification process, you can make certain that you spec a vehicle that meets their needs to do their job most productively.”

For more information on INTREN’s GPS technology and to read the full articles, visit

We would like to congratulate INTREN Safety professional, Tim Miller, on receiving his CUSP (Certified Utility Safety Professional) “Green” certification for Safety Management. This certification is awarded to safety professionals who have at least three years of safety experience in a dedicated safety/training role in the utility industry and pass the CUSP Green exam.

The exam encompasses safety standards, hazard identification, incident prevention, leadership skills, human performance and operations. To pass this exam, Utility Safety Professionals are expected to meet or exceed the required knowledge in these respective areas.

The CUSP certification is defined as the benchmark in utility safety and is awarded by the USOLN (Utility Safety & Ops Leadership Network). Miller joins INTREN’s Director of Safety & Quality, Tim Ayers, as the only other INTREN employee to receive the CUSP certification this year. For more information on USOLN or CUSP certification, visit