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President & CEO Kelly Tomblin Returns to Utility Sector

Sherina Maye Edwards and Kelly Tomblin

INTREN, a national WBE utility contractor, announced today that President and CEO Kelly Tomblin has accepted a position as CEO at El Paso Electric, as part of its acquisition by JPMorgan’s Infrastructure Investments Fund. INTREN Board Member Sherina Maye Edwards, who is an attorney and partner at Quarles & Brady in Chicago, has been named CEO.

“Sherina is a three-year board member with extensive experience and deep connections throughout the energy industry. I can’t imagine leaving INTREN in better hands,” said Kelly. “Sherina is also a long-time champion for diversity and inclusion and will continue our efforts throughout every level of the organization.”

“The team we have developed at INTREN is one of the strongest, most innovative, and committed groups that I have worked with in 30 years in the energy industry. Throughout the pandemic and other challenges we have had this year, they have embraced our motto of #INTRENSTRONG and risen to the occasion time and time again. I have no doubt they will continue to serve our customers and communities in even more creative ways in the future.”

A former utility regulator and a woman frequently recognized for her leadership, Sherina has served in a myriad of high profile roles including a five-year term on the Illinois Commerce Commission, her 2016 appointment by President Barack Obama and U.S. Secretary of Transportation, Anthony Foxx as Co-Chair of the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Voluntary Information-Sharing System Working Group, and as a 2017 Eisenhower Fellow where she served with and advised energy leaders in South Africa and Australia.

Having founded both the Women’s Energy Summit and the Women’s Energy Network of Chicago, as well as having strong influence over the creation of the Illinois Utilities Business Diversity Council, Sherina is nationally recognized for being a champion for diversity and inclusion within the utility and energy space.

“In the more than three years that Kelly has been at the helm, she has created an effective leadership team, dispersed decision-making throughout the organization, and has seen record growth and strong financial results,” said Sherina. “I am proud to follow in her footsteps and wish her the best as she brings her expertise to El Paso Electric.”

“Although we are reluctant to see Kelly go, she has left INTREN poised for continued success,” said Founder and Board Chairwoman Loretta Rosenmayer. “With Sherina at the helm, we are confident that we will continue to be the measure of excellence from coast-to-coast.”

2020 NECA AwardINTREN is honored to receive the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) Recognition of Achievement for Safety Excellence award. We are especially proud of our crew members from coast-to-coast that continually put safety first despite the challenges they have faced this year.

“Being recognized for achievement in safety excellence by NECA is a tremendous honor,” said Director of Safety and Quality Tyler Herdendorf. “It confirms how dedicated and committed the organization is to the safety and health of all its employees. Creating a safety culture is a never-ending challenge but it’s worth it when we all strive for the same goal of everyone going home safely. By focusing on leading indicators, hazard recognition, and employee development through training, we will obtain our ultimate goal of error-free performance.”

NECA represents the $130 billion/year electrical contracting industry.

INTREN has been in the Chicago civil market for more than 20 years. Since then we have taken the work from California to Maryland and everywhere in between. With the expertise to take on large, complex projects, our goal has always been to deliver safe, quality work that is on time, and on budget. Watch our video on complex civil projects to see how we continually strive to be the measure of excellence.

Diversity Equality InclusionRecently, INTREN formed a Diversity Action Council in order to create a structured and ongoing approach to our diversity goals.

The council’s strategic initiatives include enhancing diverse recruitment, fostering ERGs, retaining and developing diverse talent, utilizing external diversity advisors, and recommitting to diversity education. As a WBE and a tier 2 diversity supplier, INTREN has long been dedicated to diversity, equity, and inclusion. As the first utility contractor to pledge our support to CEO Action in 2019, we joined 900 global CEOs to take collective action on DEI in the workplace.

Our focus has long been on supporting diversity-focused third-party efforts and mentoring/supporting diverse subcontractors. Internally, we have conducted unconscious bias training, along with having a Culture Team focused on diversity initiatives.

However, this is only the beginning. We look forward to working closely with our customers and fostering continued positive change throughout our organizations.

The Philly Team The Philly Team The Philly Team The Philly Team

Congratulations to our Philadelphia Overhead and Underground crews for achieving one-year incident-free! It is your dedication to uncompromised safety and your continuous efforts to improve that has led to this significant milestone. Great job! #OutPerformingEveryday

The St Clair Sluggers

Here is a shout out to the St. Louis 8U St. Clair Sluggers, which INTREN sponsored this year! According to General Foreman Anthony Garrett, "The boys have worked super hard this season only to be cut short by the epidemic and continue to work at practice despite no games in the near future. The dedication and pride they show are very reminiscent of the way INTREN goes about every day in the industry. We also wanted to give a special shout out to (Regional Director) Matt Guenzler for his enthusiastic support. It is very much appreciated!"

Loretta Rosenmayer stands with 2020 award winners Patty Cassens and Mary LucarelliLiving INTREN's core values of stewardship, integrity, employee empowerment, safety, and customer focus are the criteria for being nominated for the Loretta Award. Created in honor of our founder, Loretta Rosenmayer, we are proud to announce that the 2020 award recipients are Billing Administrator Patty Cassens and Regional Fleet Manager Mary Lucarelli. Both outstanding women exemplify the traits that Loretta founded her company on.

Patty Cassens. "They are many reasons why Patty is deserving of this special award, said President and CEO Kelly Tomblin. During a very busy time, Patty galvanized a group of employees and led an effort for 'Feed Our Starving Children' where we packed meals for malnourished kids around the world". For me, it was one of the most powerful things I have ever done. Patty has also been consistently outperforming at work, while being a big part of the community, such as the Cultural Leadership Team. She is always helping others and when people need a friend, she lends an ear. We recognize you and we love you and thank you for doing Loretta's work."

Mary Lucarelli. "I could talk for an hour about all the good things I could say about Mary," said Fleet Services Director Chris Triplett. "Anybody that knows her knows that she lives and breathes for INTREN. It doesn't matter whether it is work-related or a personal issue- for us in fleet, she is our most trusted agent. If you take her a problem, the first thing-guaranteed- out of her mouth is 'what can I do to help'. She is sincere and genuine and appreciates all of us and I can't think of anybody who embodies the spirit of this company any more than Mary."

Congratulations to both Patty and Mary! Thank you for all you do and for the tremendous impact you make on INTREN and our world.

Carmine Mariano

Hats off to Journeyman Operator Carmine Mariano of the Bore Division, who has dedicated 25 years of his life to INTREN!

"I don't even know where to begin when it comes to describing Carmine and his work ethic because there is so much to say, said Blanket Boring Project Manager Cheryl Kiesel. "From his attention to detail, his always positive attitude, to the level of ownership and pride he takes in his work, Carmine is ALWAYS delivering (and always with a smile)! Carmine is definitely part of the backbone in this department and we appreciate him and all he does for his crew, our department, and INTREN as a whole."

Executive Vice President Matthew Turk added, "Carmine has been a key field leader for us for many years and brings to us his passion for excellence. He also always wanted to grow and learn, and he continually attended the Union training to increase his skills." Congratulations and a huge thank you to Carmine for his 25 years of outstanding service!

Jessie Harms receives his white hard hat

St. Louis inspection apprentice Jessie Harms (middle) received his white hardhat today from Foreman Dave Politte (left) and General Foreman Dean Davis (right).

The Green Hard Hat program is just one of the initiatives implemented by our Occupational Health & Safety Department at INTREN to ensure the safety of all our crew members. This program identifies new workers by using green hard hats to communicate to our other experienced employees and our subcontractors of their status. This also denotes that INTREN's experienced and dedicated employees will need to mentor them during their first few months working for our company.