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Andrew Albrecht, Eric Pavesich and Sean KesslerINTREN overhead crew members Andrew Albrecht, Eric Pavesich and Sean Kessler were the first on the scene at this horrific accident on Interstate 39 near Paw Paw, Illinois (west of Chicago) on Saturday, January 11. At the time, winter storm activity was hitting the region with freezing rain, sleet and high winds.

The Assistant Fire Chief was especially grateful to our crew and the assistance they provided to the car occupants, 911 and emergency personnel at the scene. Below is a letter that he sent to General Foreman Chris Clark.

From: Brian Milton, Assistant Fire Chief, Paw Paw Fire Department (Illinois)

Mr. Clark,

I'd like to take a minute to formally thank and recognize the INTREN crew that were first on the scene of a bad accident Saturday January 11th on Interstate 39. We were dispatched for a "car under a semi", and as you can imagine we responded expecting the worst. In several respects these crews handled this situation with absolute professionalism.

accident scene
First, they took great care of the 2 patients. The first EMTs on scene noted that the patients were covered and kept warm by sweatshirts provided by the INTREN crews on scene. Second, they provided critical information about the scene and patients to the 911 dispatcher that allowed us to mobilize with the most appropriate resources.

Third, and quite possibly the most impressive, using their procedures, cones, and equipment, they quickly established a lane closure to protect the patients as well as our teams as they arrived on scene. As you know, traffic hazards are a significant risk for us when we respond to calls on the interstate. Their actions allowed our ambulance crews to safely address the patients while awaiting our own apparatus to arrive and establish traffic control.

I don't have a picture of the protection they provided but attached you will find a pic of the scene that confronted them that I hope will put into perspective my appreciation of how they handled. it. Please accept and convey our thanks for a job well done.