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The town of Marengo came together as a community last Saturday to build the INTREN Playground and fulfill a wish for neighborhood children and parents. Part of the park district's Indian Oaks Park, it was a project that had always been close to Marengo resident Mike Miller's heart.

Back in 1993, Miller, a retired Underground Civil Superintendent for INTREN, had initially installed the original playground equipment. However, over the years with lost and broken parts, a manufacturer that was out of business and no longer ADA compliant, the park district was forced to restrict access and then remove the equipment in 2016.

"To see a snow fence around the old equipment to keep kids out was disheartening," said Miller. "I couldn't just sit there and do nothing. With construction background experience that was much needed on the Marengo City Council, I was appointed to a vacant alderman position, where I could make a difference."

Soon after, Joe Vallez, who had built playgrounds for other municipalities, had been hired as the new Marengo Park District Superintendent. With a common interest and ally in Vallez, they began the fundraising necessary to build the playground.

"Many local businesses stepped up to the plate with either monetary donations or much needed product, such as fill or concrete," said Miller. "INTREN, who has always supported the Marengo community, gave us a generous donation and we are honored to name the playground in their name."

INTREN's Underground Civil Crew also played a vital part in the buildout of the playground. The crew included Marengo residents - Brian Miller, Dan Profit, Kyle Secor, Wes Quick, Paul Mitzelfelt and Boyd Bohn.

"The INTREN crew was key to the successful build," said Vallez. They were there every step of the way to help in any way they could."

Also on hand, were dozens of locals, along with the Marengo Fire/ Rescue Squad and newly-elected Marengo Mayor John Koziol.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony, which will include fun activities for the kids, will be on Saturday, June 3rd at Noon. All are welcome to bring their kids and join in the fun and festivities! 

Pictured Below:


2-Marengo Park District Superintendent Joe Vallez, INTREN's Matt Turk, Mike Miller, Marengo Mayor John Koziol 


Marengo Park District Superintendent Joe Vallez, INTREN's Matt Turk, Mike Miller, Marengo Mayor John Koziol