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Intren in BerkeleyThe ENR California Top Specialty Contractors rankings are in! INTREN ranked as the #4 contractor in the Golden State and #29 (up from #30) overall. Congratulations to our Concord team!
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While there is no shortage of programming throughout the Chicagoland market, one of the most-listened-to business programs features Ji Suk Yi, host of WGN Radio’s popular Wintrust business news program. This week, the popular program host interviewed INTREN CEO, Kelly Tomblin on INTREN’s continued pursuit of diversity in the workplace. Tomblin was featured in Segment 2 (4:31) of the programs 4 segment schedule discussing a range of subjects impacting businesses nationwide.

Click here to listen to the interview on WGN!

A collage from Sole Hope

On #GivingTuesday, INTREN employees across the country actively supported ‘Sole Hope’, an organization that provides shoes, first aid kits and education to fight the devastating results from a crippling parasite called jiggers in Uganda.

Employees donated jeans, money and their time by assembling first aid kits and cutting out shoe patterns. ‘Sole Hope’ employs Ugandan men and woman who then handcraft the closed-toed shoes, which help prevent jigger infestation for people who wear them. Currently, they make over 20,000 pairs of shoes per year!

Not to be confused with chiggers, jiggers are a small parasite that prevents kids from walking or running and adults from caring for their family. Many in Uganda believe that jiggers are a curse and often the infected become an outcast.

Thanks to ‘Sole Hope’, they are helping Ugandan people to become jigger-free and restoring their health and hope for the future, one pair of shoes at a time.

If you are interested in learning more, please go to

Intren at the 2019 Womens Empowerment Lunch
INTREN women were thrilled to participate at the annual Women's Entrepreneur Network- Chicago EmPOWERment Forum held at the Museum of Science & Industry in the midst of their 'Christmas Around the World and Holidays of Light' exhibit. The event was a celebration of women in STEM and honored this year's accomplishments.
Intren at the 2019 Nicor Career Academy Graduation
Congratulations Nicor Gas Career Academy Graduates and a special thank you to INTREN's Matthew Turk, Lloyd Gillespie, Laticia Holbert and Simon Dawson for contributing to this wonderful, program's success.
Laticia Holbert 40 under 40Congratulations to INTREN's Business Development & Diversity Manager, Laticia Holbert, who was honored as one of the 40 Rising Young Women Leaders by the Young Women Professionals League. The award ceremony, “5 Years, 200 Women Strong”, serves as the official induction into their 40 Under 40 YWPL. Accepting this award is an invitation for women to be a catalyst for impacting the lives of future trailblazers. The prestigious event was held at Chicago's DuSable Museum of African American History.
Intren at the Big Brothers Big Sisters Dinner
INTREN is honored to support Big Brothers Big Sisters of McHenry County (Illinois) and 'The BIG Event' being held tonight! The celebration honors their community partners, 'BIGS of the Year' and raises awareness about the children in the county that are still waiting to be matched with their future mentor. Thank you to former Board Member and Controller Jon Arnopolin for your contribution to this wonderful organization!

INTREN is proud to announce that our CEO, Loretta Rosenmayer, is featured on the cover of the November/December issue of FW: Chicago Magazine.

In the accompanying article, the publication delves into “the mind and heart of founder and CEO of INTREN” and her passion to make a difference in the lives of others. Also featured are apprentice linemen, Samantha Randby, as well as an informative overview of CONSTRUCT, ComEd’s successful job training program. 

FW: Chicago is headquartered in the trendy South Loop area of the city and delivers a fresh new perspective featuring profiles of prominent women and women-led initiatives making an impact in Chicago.  It includes reviews of the incredible food Chicago is known for, lifestyle features, fashion, and social news.  

We are honored and delighted to be a part of this wonderful publication.

In late October, INTREN’s CEO & Founder, Loretta Rosenmayer, was invited to the White House by utility provider Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) to discuss global climate initiatives with President Obama, senior administration officials and a handful of CEOs from major corporations. Rosenmayer, PG&E CEO and Chairman, Tony Earley, along with CEO’s from Johnson & Johnson, Berkshire Hathaway Energy Co., Intel Corp., and Hershey Co., and their key suppliers participated in a roundtable discussion about the necessity of taking steps to reduce greenhouse gases and address the impact of global warming.  

President Obama sought the support from private and public companies alike as he prepared to participate in the United Nations Conference on Climate Change in November, 2015. 

In 2011, INTREN began participating in the Electric Utility Industry Sustainable Supply Chain Alliance (EUISSCA) that was formed to improve environmental performance in the electric utility industry supply chain. In support of the White House Initiative for Climate Change, INTREN has made further commitments to reduce its carbon footprint.  INTREN pledges to continue to work on reducing greenhouse gases throughout the company, to support using a percentage of clean renewable electric energy in our offices, to make changes to reduce commuting miles for employees and to continue to report our improvements to the EUISSCA.

For more information on INTREN’s involvement in the global climate change initiative or EUISSCA, please email Executive Vice President, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Last year, INTREN began implementing courses targeted at shaping leadership skills within various INTREN management roles.  Based upon Dale Carnegie Leadership Training fundamentals, INTREN Director of Human Resources, Dale Damon, spearheaded the effort to design leadership courses to empower INTREN leaders to better achieve key results in safety, productivity, quality, and cost.  Many of the human relations skills taught in the class carry over to employees’ personal lives as well. 

Two leadership classes were developed for existing managers or those newly promoted into leadership roles. The first class entitled INTREN “Supervisor Leadership Training” was targeted toward field leadership, specifically Superintendents, General Foremen and Foremen. In this class, the curriculum consisted of a mixture of Dale Carnegie’s Leadership Principles, individual and group presentations, case studies, and more INTREN-specific topics such as Safety, financial understanding, DOT Compliance, claims, etc.   In addition, participants learned the ins and outs of INTREN’s business, various departments and culture. The course objective was to provide individuals the tools and knowledge needed to understand how their actions in the field affect the business overall.

The second class, entitled “INTREN Leadership Academy,” was targeted toward Project Managers and other office management. While the academy covered much of what the INTREN Supervisor Leadership Training course did, this course focused more comprehensively on public speaking and presentation skills, as well as many other skills needed to manage people and projects successfully.

Each training class contained twenty INTREN management employees who gathered from offices across the country in Union for the week. Throughout the week, individuals received awards based on votes from their peers.  One of the highlights for both classes were the executive dinners in which all class participants attended a celebratory dinner held with the executive leadership team in a social setting.

So far, the company’s leadership training courses have served as a touch point for approximately 80 individuals to find out who they are as leaders, how they can better function as leaders and where they fit in the company. The leadership courses serve as a launching point to drive home INTREN’s three pillars of importance:  Safety, Quality and Performance. This is another way INTREN strives to ensure its culture of stewardship and its core values are incorporated into every facet of the business.

For more information on INTREN’s leadership training, please contact INTREN’s Director of Human Resources, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

With the integration of Mobile Fleet Technology (MFT) and GPS Technology, INTREN has seen dramatic improvement in our ability to track fleet movement and manage operational costs, resulting in:

  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduced operational costs, such as fuel and in-field fleet maintenance
  • Increased ability to identify and resolve fleet issues
  • Improved ability to obtain the status and location of all fleet personnel
  • Improved response time to service repairs
  • Increased efficiencies in mobilizing fleet for storm response
  • The ability to find our crews for safety audits and repair services more efficiently

INTREN has also seen pronounced improvements in the ability to analyze back-end metrics through its vehicle maintenance software systems. Through the use of this analysis, INTREN has:

  • Developed and utilize more effective maintenance scheduling tools
  • Improved the ability to accurately measure and reduce vehicle repair costs
  • Boosted vehicle uptime and productivity
  • Improved our ability to communicate repair status in near real-time
  • Improved ability to measure fleet utilization

For more information on INTREN‘s use of GPS technology, contact INTREN Director of Fleet Services, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or INTREN Senior Director - Supply Chain, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Face-to-face events provide a great way for businesses to nurture relationships with existing clients, connect with prospects and raise brand awareness.

Marketing efforts must be relevant and personalized to fit the individual needs of clients or potential clients, and event marketing is no exception. It’s important for companies to explore how to integrate new event management platforms and technologies with their existing marketing automation and CRM systems to deliver personalized event experiences and drive ROI.  Of course, solid logistics are important no matter what event you are planning, as well as great event management, innovative ideas, and, if your budget warrants, state-of-the art technology.

Here are a few tips on using the power of data when planning events:

  • Have a clear understanding of the business reasons for conducting your event.  Clear objectives will enable you to determine the right format and measure the success of the event.
  • Review the types of relationships you have with selected attendees and where they are in the influence and/or decision-making process for their company.
  • Tailor the event and promotional content for the types of attendees you wish to invite.
  • Review your current database.  Now is not the time for data silos.  All departments should be a part of this process.  This will provide insights into the value of your event.
  • Determine what data you would like to capture at the event and how you will do so to optimize your follow-up.  This could include social “listening”, event surveys, target messages, gamification, and/or mobile apps.
  • Maximize event value for all stakeholders in your company.  Your event data can go a long way in determining future marketing initiatives.
View the process as a journey.  Start tactically and plan to proceed incrementally. Be patient and realize that mastering techniques to prove ROI is not something done in a single quarter. Each attendee has his own agenda, priorities and social behavior.   

By focusing on your attendees, you will be able to optimize your messaging before, during, and after events. With the right combination of tools, you can learn much about your attendees and translate this on a broader scale into successful sales and marketing campaigns in the future. 


Early last month, INTREN joined representatives from the Distribution Contractors Association (DCA) in Washington D.C. where they met with representatives from the American Gas Association (AGA), Pipeline Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA), National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC), and committees from the House and U.S. Senate.  Steve Canestrini, Operator Qualification Manager, joined in the discussions that revolved around the pending legislation that would reauthorize the upcoming Pipeline Safety Bill which will impact the gas industry and gas contractors. These representatives also engaged in educating the committees on the role contractors perform in pipeline construction for the gas industry and presented their recommendations for the pending legislation. 

Cross-Bore Initiative:  Cross bores remain a significant problem facing the distribution construction industry.  As part of this initiative, we are asking the regulators to treat the entity that produces revenue from the service laterals be responsible for locating and marking that facility.  The DCA also believes that exemptions from one call memberships be applied in the same manner as one call notification.

Post Construction Audits:  The initial resolution was aimed specifically at contractors who perform transmission and main installations and that they should be prohibited from inspecting their own work.  As the legislation currently stands, it will now include contractors and operators of the pipeline who perform construction activities.

Comprehensive Energy Reform:  The DCA supports the pipeline permitting language that is under consideration in the energy debate that includes streamlining the pipeline permitting process to ensure critical projects get off the ground. 

Proposed Rule on Operator Qualifications:  The DCA supports the inclusion of construction to the list of qualified tasks and supports all efforts to enhance the “portability” of contractor OQ programs. 

The DCA and its members continue to work with the committees from the House and U.S. Senate and regulatory agencies to support the reauthorization of the Pipeline Safety Bill, along with proposed regulations that impact the gas utility industry.

In August, INTREN reached a major milestone as part of ComEd’s Energy Infrastructure Modernization Act (EIMA) project to modernize and strengthen Northern Illinois’ electrical grid. INTREN is one of ComEd’s “Contractors of Choice” for the EIMA project which has completed over 3,000 miles of cable injection and cable replacement over a seven year period. Moving into 2016, INTREN plans to tackle another 777 miles = 712 miles of cable replacement and 65 miles of cable injection with its 52 boring crews.

Beginning in 2012, ComEd has been actively replacing electrical cables to improve the efficiency and reliability of its grid as part of EIMA, an estimated $2.6 billion program where INTREN remains at the forefront of the utility providers’ efforts. As a foundation for the project, ComEd has focused on first replacing cables that have faulted, and second replacing cable sections that were installed before 1985. Over the course of the four year project, ComEd’s investments have helped avoid over 5.6 million customer interruptions. Last year alone, ComEd negated over 1.5 million interruptions.

To learn more about INTREN’s involvement in the EIMA project, contact Account Manager This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Dennis Bednarski has been named Regional Vice President of Midwest Operations, supporting INTREN’s plan to bring a higher level of performance to key Midwest accounts and as an addition to the company’s executive team in order to meet the needs of increased project demands and a growing workforce.

“With our continued growth we believe the timing is perfect to fill the Midwest Vice President of Operations position,” said INTREN President Lance Rosenmayer. “Dennis is a welcomed addition to the INTREN family. We believe his past experience in the industry will help continue to grow INTREN in the Midwest region and further satisfy the needs of our clients.”

Bednarski will be an asset in leading operations in the Midwest while working with our account managers on their current accounts. The Regional Vice President will also coordinate with our business development team to obtain new contracts and accounts in the region. Bednarski, along with Jason Combs, INTREN Regional Vice President of Operations, California, completes INTREN’s operation plan to establish Regional Vice Presidents in order to drive an increase in performance, training, and service level to our customers.

Bednarski comes to INTREN from the City of Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, where he served as the General Manager of Electric Distribution, Water and Fleet. Previously, Bednarski worked at ComEd for 22 years, serving as a Manager in Joliet, Illinois, and Area Manager of the Elgin/Aurora, Illinois, offices. He has served on the Executive Committee and Board of Directors of the Municipal Electric Utilities of Wisconsin (MEUW), the Wisconsin Public Power Incorporated (WPPI), was the past Chair of the Transmission and Distribution Committee for the America Public Power Association (APPA), as well as other numerous Boards and Tech schools in Wisconsin. Bednarski earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Management from National Louis University. 

Congratulations to INTREN General Foreman, Joe Holterman and his team on their 2015 Points Championship!!

The winning tractor named ‘Insane Harvester’ driven by Joe Holterman was recently awarded the 2015 Points Championship for Midwest Power Pullers. Joe’s tractor is an International 1466.  The championship title came down to the wire with Joe and his ‘Insane Harvester’ tractor finishing in first place with an impressive 144 points! Second place was right behind the Insane Harvester Team at 141 points – a difference of only 3 points, and the third place team came in with a respectable 127 points for the year.

During the summer Joe, his head mechanic, back-up driver and son Joe Jr., travel across the state of Wisconsin and parts of Illinois on weekends proudly showing his ‘Insane Harvester’ showcasing the INTREN name.  INTREN is happy to support Joe and his team again this year.  Due to Joe’s successes and love for the sport he was featured in Full Pull Magazine earlier this year.  His first event for 2016 will be in Gordyville in mid-January.  Good Luck to Joe and his team!