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The Riverside CrewExecutive Vice President Matthew Turk and Business Development's Cornell Barnett recently visited overhead crews that were working on a 4kV/12kV transformer conversion in Riverside, Illinois. With the new transformers and wiring already hung, the timeframe was extremely tight to switch over to the upgraded system. 
So, with 12 crews set up in 12 yards, our linemen coordinated the conversion seamlessly and well within the planned outage. Hats off to our crews for #OutPerformingEveryday #INTRENStrong 
Baltimore Transmission ProjectINTREN Overhead Distribution crews are #doingessentialwork for our utility customer on a 9-month project that includes building new feeds for a substation and water treatment plant in Baltimore. One of the most vital projects the city has ever undertaken, it entails double circuit 34kV sub-transmission re-conduct, and 3-miles of 795 wire being pulled- all on poles that range from 55 to 80 feet. 
Thank you to our East Coast crews for being #INTRENStrong and working on critical infrastructure during this unprecedented time! #OutPerformingEveryday #INTRENStrong
Rock Island CrewIn the Quad Cities this week, INTREN's MWN Gas crews are installing gas main near our Rock Island office. Foreman John Terrill and his crew are fusing together 4" main with Superintendent Frank Robledo observing, while Foreman Jason Dale's crew members are installing 2" main.

The MWN Gas team is led by VP Jeff Nauman, Sr. PM Adam Vos and Superintendent Frank Robledo and is in the second year of a 5-year contract to replace over 140 miles of low-pressure gas main and almost 18,000 services in the Quad Cities of Iowa and Illinois and Iowa City, Iowa. Go GAS!!! #INTRENStrong #OutPerformingEveryday
JugsINTREN picked up hand sanitizer recently from family-owned Midstate Distillery in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. A small-batch liquor producer, whose founders call a 'labor of love', shifted production to overcome severe shortages of hand sanitizer throughout the country. Thank you, Midstate, for being one of the #companiesthatcare # It helps keep our crews safe and #doingessentialwork to keep our Grid strong. #OutPerformingEveryday
John WisniewskiForeman John Wisniewski has worked with INTREN for 16 years and is part of the Illinois Civil department, where he is #doingessentialwork on conduit and manhole installations in Chicago. When asked about why he is proud to work at INTREN, he gave us multiple reasons!

When I first started at INTREN there were slightly over 100+ employees and only 8-12 in our division. I have seen this company grow over the years, by those that worked hard and took pride in their work, along with the great leadership and appreciation of Loretta and the Rosenmayer family.

I always felt appreciated by them and that motivated me to come to work and outperform every day. I like to think that I had a small part in INTREN's success over the years and want to continue to see the company succeed.

I was trained by many well-experienced people, who now have retired from INTREN. Now, that I've become one of those senior employees, I take great pride in passing on what I've learned from them to the younger guys, one who is a third-generation employee.

I love seeing my crew given tough challenges and succeeding at them and making my general foremen and project managers happy, in that we were able to do so. I want them to be able to count on me to take on these tough jobs.

My current crew and many INTREN employees have become close friends and are like an extended family. It makes it easy to come to work every day and be with such a great group of people who share my belief to take pride in your work and be stewards to our customers and our communities.
Thank you, John, for #OutPerformingEveryday and #BeingINTREN!
Crew at Big Rock#INTRENHeroes. As If doing essential utility work during a pandemic isn't hard enough, an INTREN truck and trailer were also hit by another vehicle that ran a stop sign. INTREN Illinois lineman Max Gaines, who is also a certified EMT and volunteer fireman, assisted the unconscious driver, and rendered first aid to her and her infant.
Foreman Garrett Sullivan called 911 and helped Max, as his crew redirected traffic, addressed a fuel leak, and safeguarded downed power wires, by following their INTREN training.

Thank you to the heroic efforts of General Foremen Shawn Rasmussen and Darrell Holmstrom, Foreman Garrett Sullivan and Linemen Max Gaines, Steve Gillespie and Paul Jones. You are shining examples of #OutPerformingEveryday #BeingINTREN
It has now been more than a month since many have entered into a new phase of living and working as “Stay at Home’ and “Shelter at Home” mandates were implemented. For most of us at INTREN, that meant going to work as usual with greater attention to social distancing and sanitizing. For others, it meant working from home. For a lot of us, it means navigating the treacherous waters of “distance learning” with our children. For all of us, it means uncertainty and change.  
Against that frenzied backdrop, however, I continue to be in awe of the courage, strength, adaptability and spirit of Team INTREN. Throughout my travels and conversations, I continue to hear great optimism, steadfast commitment and overwhelming pride related to the contribution we are making to keep our communities safe. We understand that the work we do is critical to keeping lights on, people warm, hospital services and transportation running. We know we are an important piece of the safety and security our world needs now. 
The word “courage” comes from the root “cor”—the Latin word for “heart.” Philosophers suggest that courage entails the art of giving up the “smaller self” that runs away from a heart-based bravery to accept the “larger self” who embraces it. As I watch the courage of so many of our essential workers—including those at INTREN, I am reminded of that broader definition of courage. It is truly heart based. 
So, as we continue to face the twists and turns of the current state, let’s continue to keep our eyes also looking toward the horizon. This will, one day, be over. In the meantime, let’s continue to support each other and show the world exactly who we are—INTREN STRONG. 
Power on!  
Kelly Tomblin 
President & Chief Executive Officer 

Storm Crew in North CarolinaIn the last six weeks, over 500 overhead transmission and distribution line workers have been called out by our utility customers for storm restoration throughout the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic and the Carolinas. From multiple tornadoes, battering hail and severe winds, our crews worked in dangerous conditions to repair critical infrastructure. Below are four examples of how our lineworkers and mobile mechanics continue to place service before self.

Greenville, South Carolina. After 16 tornadoes hit South Carolina early Monday, our Indiana Overhead Distribution crews traveled to Greenville at the request of our utility partner for storm restoration. In what has been one of the deadliest outbreaks in the region, it left nine people dead and thousands of homes and businesses without power, along with extensive property damage and flooding.

Cincinnati, Ohio. Our overhead distribution crews were called out for storm restoration after a severe 2-day weather event spawned 14 tornadoes and caused widespread property damage, snapped poles and downed power lines. More than 60,000 were left without power as the line of storms wreaked havoc across the region.

Lincoln, Illinois. Straight-line winds surged in excess of 70 mph and ripped through central Illinois snapping poles and downing power lines while leaving thousands without electricity. INTREN transmission crews were called out by our utility partner on Thursday to the city of Lincoln, where 30 transmission structures went down. Their job? Rebuild the line.

Vincennes, Indiana. Can you imagine being without power for 3 days? Add in multiple fires from downed powerlines, collapsed buildings, toppled roofs, and uprooted trees, all during a pandemic. Such was the scene in Vincennes, Indiana, where violent storms ripped through the river city with grape-sized hail and gale-force winds. Home to our INTREN family in Indiana, our distribution crews worked tirelessly to restore power to their own community.

Thank you to all our crews for being #INTRENStrong and assisting our utility partners in rebuilding vital infrastructure.

Civil CrewDespite doing essential work during an unprecedented time, Illinois crews in three divisions- Commercial & Industrial, Bore and Civil- have reached significant incident-free milestones this month. We applaud these crews for their steadfast efforts to make safety a priority, while looking out for one another, our utility customers and the public.

Illinois Commercial & Industrial Crews: 4-Years Incident-Free

INTREN’s Commercial & Industrial division have reached an incredible 4-year incident-free milestone this month! From installing data banks and site lighting to electrical and residential dry utility work, foremen Chad Jump, Mike Kopec and Kevin Hansing “have been steadfast about watching each other’s backs and in adhering to strict safety standards while they work,” said Project Manager Tanner Cummings. Regional Director Mearl Kise-Halsall, also praised her team. "A four-year, event-free safety record is a remarkable feat that is rarely achieved. Our hardworking C&I Division is clearly dedicated to making safety a priority, and I highly commend the team for their significant accomplishment.”

Illinois Bore Crews: 1-Year Incident-Free

Led by Superintendent Chris Tipton, General Foremen Stacey Taylor and Mario Valencia, the crews take great pride in owning their job site and making safety a priority. “Challenges on the job are numerous,” said Tipton. “Working with poly daily is a hazardous situation. Our Crews also do a lot of heavy lifting. Some job sites are in areas where there is heavy traffic, so proper traffic control is a must.” Tipton also added that GF’s “Mario and Stacey do a great job of positioning crews to ensure customer need dates are met. They communicate daily to ensure the right crew with the correct tooling is set up and ready for success the following day.”

Illinois Civil Crews: 1-Year Incident-Free

Led by Superintendent Marty Kominoski and General Foremen Brian Miller, Chuck Hill, and Dan Proffitt, their complex Civil work spans from downtown Chicago and into the far-reaching suburbs. "The Civil Division is one of the hardest working groups at INTREN," said Regional Director Mearl Kise-Halsall. "We rely on our crews to perform flawlessly and they deliver day-after-day. These crews must always be prepared for the unexpected and that takes continuous communication amongst the crew.” Spend any time on an INTREN Civil project and you will appreciate their skill and work ethic. “The general foremen have been able to build a dedicated highly-skilled team,” said Kominoski. “These crews take pride in their craft and it shows every day."

Thank you for OutPerforming.Everyday.

CEO Kelly Tomblin thanks our lineworkers from coast-to-coast for keeping our infrastructure #INTRENStrong:

The 2018 CONSTRUCT Graduating ClassINTREN CEO Kelly Tomblin, Executive Vice President of Customer Solutions Matthew Turk and Business Development Manager Lloyd Gillespie recently attended the CONSTRUCT graduation, which featured the largest class of 108 graduates, since its inception.
The 9-week job training program, which is in its 6th year, is focused on increasing the pool of qualified minority candidates for entry-level construction jobs in Illinois. Matthew Turk was also recognized at this year’s event as the architect of this CONSTRUCT program.
“As one of CONSTRUCT’s founding sponsors, it is exciting to watch the program expand and change the lives of so many,” said CEO Kelly Tomblin. “I applaud the construction industry for placing focus on diverse candidates and giving them the training and opportunity to join a significant industry with many options for growth.”
What began with ComEd, 10 companies and three social service agencies has grown to include Illinois' other major utilities - Nicor Gas, Peoples' Gas, 38 companies and eight social service agencies. This year’s curriculum also launched a new Project Management and Planning track, along with the Construction and Skilled Trades.
For more information on this program, please contact Business Development Manager This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

At the Underground Contractors Associations (UCA) of Illinois Annual Spring Showcase on Tuesday, April 12th Lance Rosenmayer, President INTREN, Inc. was presented with the UCA's Contractor of the Year Award and Kiwanda Evans, Executive Assistant, Safety & Quality was given a $1,500 scholarship.

UCA's Executive Director, Michael Wiedmaier, presented the awards at the dinner which was held at Venuti's Restaurant in Addison, Illinois.

Mike said of the Contractor of the Year and Lance Rosenmayer –

"This member has been associated or working in the underground contracting business for more than 25 years. A UCA member company since 2000 and on the board since 2013, he regularly attends and sponsors conventions, attends or has company representation at all events, and he actively recruits new members. In addition to the Board of Directors, is involved in or has representation on legislative, Safety /RM/ and Utility committees. His company represents UCA on the Board of JULIE. His philanthropic (stewardship) efforts are a great reflection on himself, his family and the company. They contribute in some way to over 75 different causes throughout the state, country and internationally. They participate in women and minority mentorship programs to encourage employment in the industry. This stewardship is ingrained in the company's culture and sets an example to the Underground contracting industry. Please join me in congratulating Lance Rosenmayer of INTREN as UCA's Contractor of the Year".

April marks the 9th Annual National Safe Digging Month, reminding homeowners and professional excavators in Illinois to call JULIE, Inc. (JULIE) at 811 before every digging project this spring, regardless of the size or depth. This is a free call and service for homeowners, farmers, ranchers, and businesses across the country.  Click here to call any of the One Call Centers in the eight states that INTREN is working: California USANorth811, Illinois1Call, IowaOneCall, Ohio Utilities Protection Service, MissouriOneCallSystem, Pennsylvania811, and Wisconsin Diggers Hotline.

Calling 811 is the most important step when planning to dig anywhere in the United States.  Every six minutes an underground utility line is damaged because someone decided to dig without first calling 811.  Call 811 at a few days before you start any digging project.  Whether you are planning to do it yourself or hire a professional, smart digging means calling 811 before each job.

Striking a single line can cause personal injury, environmental or property damage, repair costs and inconvenient outages. According to state law, every digging project, no matter how large or small, requires a call to 811. Planting a tree or shrub, installing a mailbox and building a deck are all examples of projects that require a call to 811. This is a free call and service.

Illinois’ JULIE, Inc. (Julie) is promoting National Safe Digging Month activities throughout the month of April.  In addition to the seeing information on their website at, residents should be on the look-out for 811 banners and "Call Before You Dig" messages on fire department signs and other venues across the state.

Illinois’ JULIE's call center agents are available to receive and process requests 24 hours a day, seven days a week. E-Request is also a convenient option for homeowners who prefer to enter their own locate requests via

Based in Joliet, the not-for-profit organization Illinois’ JULIE, Inc. represents more than 1,880 members.  For an explanation of the color-code markings and more information, visit or follow "JULIE1call" on Facebook and Twitter.


On Monday, April 4th, ComEd held it’s first-ever Supplier Diversity Awards Luncheon at the Bridgeport Art Center in Chicago.  Nearly 40 companies were nominated in 6 categories with 16 entrepreneurs selected as award finalists. The event showcased successful minority, veteran and women-owned suppliers that are helping to drive community and economic development across Northern Illinois.

ComEd’s Supplier Diversity Awards recognized high-quality suppliers for their performance in areas ranging from job creation to storm support and diversity supplier mentoring, training and development. Award categories included Overall Performance for Construction Services, Overall Performance for Materials/Professional Services, Rising Star Award, Advocacy Award, Community Partnership Award, and the President’s Award.

INTREN was selected as one of three finalists for the ComEd Diverse Supplier Award Overall Performance for Construction Services along with Nash Brothers and Trice Construction Company. On hand to accept our award was Loretta Rosenmayer, INTREN CEO and Founder, Matthew Turk, Executive Vice President, Mike McArthy, Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, and Sean Hughes, Account Manager, Midwest Region-Central.

The inaugural award ceremony played out like a big Hollywood award show.  The presenters – Anne Pramaggiore, ComEd President and CEO, Terrence Donnelly, Executive Vice President and COO, Fidel Marquez, Senior VP, Governmental and External Affairs, or Michelle Blaise, Senior Vice President, Technical Services – read the list of finalists for each category and then were handed a sealed red envelope with the name of the winner. 

“We are very proud to accept ComEd’s award at their first annual Diverse Supplier Awards presentation,” said Loretta Rosenmayer.  She went on to tell the audience that she has been the recipient of ComEd’s commitment to Inclusion and Diversity since the day that she was born.  Her father arrived in the United States from Italy when he was 15 years old.  Alone and with no command of English he struggled to make his way.  By the time he was 22 years old he had arrived in Chicago.  Looking desperately for work he was devastated to find signs in the windows of most businesses that said “Italians and Irish need not apply”, however, there was no sign at Commonwealth Edison because even then they practiced Inclusion.  He applied and was hired and as a result Loretta’s family had a good and comfortable life.  Her father worked his entire career of 40 years at Commonwealth Edison Chicago North Division.

ComEd, an Exelon company is one of the largest electric utility companies in the nation, responsible for delivering safe and reliable power to 3.8 million homes and businesses across northern Illinois. In the electric utility industry, Exelon delivers economic benefits to the communities it serves having spent more than $4 billion with diverse suppliers over the past six years.