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Last year, INTREN began implementing courses targeted at shaping leadership skills within various INTREN management roles.  Based upon Dale Carnegie Leadership Training fundamentals, INTREN Director of Human Resources, Dale Damon, spearheaded the effort to design leadership courses to empower INTREN leaders to better achieve key results in safety, productivity, quality, and cost.  Many of the human relations skills taught in the class carry over to employees’ personal lives as well. 

Two leadership classes were developed for existing managers or those newly promoted into leadership roles. The first class entitled INTREN “Supervisor Leadership Training” was targeted toward field leadership, specifically Superintendents, General Foremen and Foremen. In this class, the curriculum consisted of a mixture of Dale Carnegie’s Leadership Principles, individual and group presentations, case studies, and more INTREN-specific topics such as Safety, financial understanding, DOT Compliance, claims, etc.   In addition, participants learned the ins and outs of INTREN’s business, various departments and culture. The course objective was to provide individuals the tools and knowledge needed to understand how their actions in the field affect the business overall.

The second class, entitled “INTREN Leadership Academy,” was targeted toward Project Managers and other office management. While the academy covered much of what the INTREN Supervisor Leadership Training course did, this course focused more comprehensively on public speaking and presentation skills, as well as many other skills needed to manage people and projects successfully.

Each training class contained twenty INTREN management employees who gathered from offices across the country in Union for the week. Throughout the week, individuals received awards based on votes from their peers.  One of the highlights for both classes were the executive dinners in which all class participants attended a celebratory dinner held with the executive leadership team in a social setting.

So far, the company’s leadership training courses have served as a touch point for approximately 80 individuals to find out who they are as leaders, how they can better function as leaders and where they fit in the company. The leadership courses serve as a launching point to drive home INTREN’s three pillars of importance:  Safety, Quality and Performance. This is another way INTREN strives to ensure its culture of stewardship and its core values are incorporated into every facet of the business.

For more information on INTREN’s leadership training, please contact INTREN’s Director of Human Resources, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..