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INTREN has partnered with Predictive Solutions to integrate our current audit tool into Safety Net - the next generation of capturing job-site observations.  INTREN’s supervision invests large amounts of time evaluating employee behaviors and plans to invest in capturing more accurate information, analyzing the data and providing improved intelligence available from these efforts.  INTREN believes deeper analysis of these visits can further determine what may happen in the future, and will ultimately help prevent incidents.

The Safety Net program will use web-based data entry that is built to be intuitive allowing observers to quickly enter all the information identified in real-time.  The observer can target specific areas for improvement, easily add photographs, comments, the severity level for each individual finding, and create a safer work environment for everyone.

When reviewing, INTREN supervisors can see specific risks where they will want to focus their improvement efforts. Supervision will be alerted of high risk findings via Safety Net’s automated communication protocol upon being entered by any observer facilitating teamwork, swift response and resolution.

Once we begin loading INTREN’s observations into Safety Net, our data will be compared and evaluated against thousands of other Safety Net observers across the nation. The result will be a true team effort in driving all of us towards a future of zero incidents.

“Zero injuries is the goal we are all ultimately working toward. The path to zero requires us to understand areas that require our attention and improvement,” said Tim Ayers, INTREN’s Safety & Quality Director. “We were looking for a tool that allows us to easily enter this information, while on the job-site.  Equally as important is the ability to sift through our data and determine where we need to focus our improvement efforts.  We feel Safety Net is that tool.”

To learn more about INTREN’s Safety Net Audit Tool, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., INTREN’s Director Safety & Quality.

Our women of INTREN are forward thinking, committed, and confident as demonstrated by INTREN’s POWER Group (Promoting Of Women in Energy Roles). These talented women encourage leadership growth and development through an exchange of information, expertise, and training. Although, all women throughout the company are invited to attend, senior management and various department personnel are also welcome to join in as topic facilitators, guest speakers or as guests.

This diversity-related initiative is just one of several programs sponsored by INTREN in an effort to build a stronger and more inclusive organization that attracts and retains emerging leaders. 

Program results are measured by action, not merely the passage of time. INTREN women are involved in a variety of company-wide committees, community projects and industry events.  Additionally, the company has gone well beyond awareness as it continues to have open conversations about topics that were seldom discussed before.  Finally, and most importantly, women continue to advance into leadership positions within the company.  Most notably within the past few months:

  • Sarah Douglas, Director, L2CMS
  • Kiwanda Evans, Environmental and Program Administrator
  • Brenda Gunnick, Account Manager, Midwest Region North/West

Diversity breeds innovation and INTREN’s industry presence demands a national mindset. Most recently, members of the POWER Group attended both the MEA Energetic Women’s Conference in Houston, Texas as well as the WBENC National Conference in Orlando, Florida.  Both events centered on encouraging leadership growth and development, mentoring, sharing information and expertise.  All while inspiring and supporting women in the industry.

The POWER Group is a clear example of how INTREN continues to change the industry’s attitude toward female employees. By offering challenging, interesting positions as a top motivator for staying in non-traditional fields and investing in personal development, the company continues to build retention and advance its focus on diversity.

To learn more about INTREN’s POWER Group, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Human Resources Manager.

Congratulations to INTREN's Midwest South (MWS) Cincinnati Civil Department for completing one year of work incident free on August 31, 2016! This is the second department to reach this milestone in the same week at INTREN – a feat we are very proud to celebrate across the company!

The MWS Cincinnati Civil Department is comprised of 15 employees in the field and office that put in a combined total of over 32,000 man-hours in the past 365 days while working to replace and maintain over 18 manhole rebuilds and repairs, and over 45 key inspections for Duke Energy in Cincinnati, Ohio. INTREN started this civil project work with 3 Laborers and 2 Operators, and has grown to nearly 90 personnel covering civil, submersible and cable replacement.

"Our culture creates a working environment that attracts, develops and retains people who are committed to bringing exceptional value to our customers and is what attracted our dedicated workers in Cincinnati," said INTREN MWS Account Manager, Steve Littrell. "These crews were trained by our experienced leaders who built a team of passionate, caring, hard-working people who believe in and live INTREN's culture of safety and integrity. Their dedication demonstrates to our customer our commitment to completing the job accurately, safely and on-time."

The MWS Cincinnati Civil Department team was led in Cincinnati by Chris Murphy, Project Manager and in St. Louis by Matthew Guenzler, Senior Project Manager. Team members in Cincinnati are Joe Bath, Superintendent, Shane Rudisell, General Foreman, Brett Osman, Foreman Laborer, Phil Kidder, Foreman Laborer, Ron Elam, Laborer, Mike Sinclair, Operator, and Justin Williamson, Lineman.  Steve and his whole team would also like to thank the support that other departments have provided over the last year, from the Safety Department, Support Services and material handlers, to the office personnel that put the jobs together.

We are proud to announce that INTREN’s Midwest Central Boring Department reached a milestone over the weekend.  On Sunday, August 28th, 2016, our crews successfully went one year incident free – a great accomplishment for this department and the leaders from the two boring groups that comprise the MWC Boring Department!

The Cable Replacement Boring and the Directional Bore Crews, a combined effort of 265 people from the department, put in close to 600,000 man hours to reach this remarkable feat!  The success of these two groups can be credited to the safety culture embedded in INTREN’s management and the leaders of the groups – from the top down, everyone involved believes in the culture of safety.

‘We assembled a team to address the issues this department was having in the field.  That team had some tough decisions to make but they built a plan almost three years ago to take a hard look at what they had to do to improve in the field. There were a lot of issues off the bat, but I am happy that the team stuck with their plan and saw it through to the end,” said Sean Hughes, Account Manager Midwest Central.

This team is directed by two different groups – the URD/Cable Replacement Group and the Regional Boring Group. From the Cable Replacement Group, the team was led by Len Coulman, Senior Project Manager, Jason Schmitt, Project Manager, Rick Ryman, Project Manager, Violeta Gonzalez, Assistant Project Manager, Diane Loftin, Assistant Project Manager, Matt Sherry, Superintendent, Joe Hopperstad, General Foreman, Matt McGowan, General Foreman, Chris Tipton, General Manager, Josh Buckley, Foreman, Dan Durling, Foreman, Jeff Gingerich, Foreman, Shawn Keyster, Foreman, Marty Kunz, Foreman, Jason Peters, Foreman, Jimmy Rodriguez, Foreman, Mike Schoon, Foreman, John Taylor, Foreman, Mario Valencia, Foreman, and Don Welch, Foreman.

From the Blanket Boring Group, the team was led by Ben Turk, Project Manager, Matt Sherry Superintendent, Dan Fleck, Foreman, Francisco Flores, Foreman, and Mark Schreiber Foreman.  We also want to thank the support that other departments have given to the MWC Boring Department over the last year, from the Safety Department, Support Services and material handlers, to the back office personnel that put the packages and switching teams together.  

Call before you dig! Thursday, August 11th (8/11), marks National 811 Day, a day to remind us to always dial 811 before digging and as the first step in the damage prevention process. One-Call organizations across the country have teamed up to recognize today as National 811 Day in order to create awareness and better publicize the law with regard to excavating. As a leader in the utility construction industry and a member of JULIE’s Illinois One Call System’s board and the Underground Contractor’s Association (UCA) board, INTREN is a proud supporter and advocate of the 811 “Call Before You Dig” campaign across the Midwest as well as the country.

It is important for homeowners and contractors alike to call 811 before digging in order to prevent unintentional accidents caused by hitting underground utility lines. According to, “digging without knowing the approximate location of underground utilities can result in damage to gas, electric, communications, water and sewer lines, which can lead to service disruptions, serious injuries, and costly repairs.”  811 is a national call center, you can dial the number 811 from anywhere in the country prior to digging and your call will automatically be routed to your local call center.

Approximately 38.6 million people will dig this year without first calling 811 to have underground utility lines marked ( Consequently, the number one reason for damages to utility lines is due to not calling 811 before digging.

As a leader in the construction industry, INTREN wants everyone to remember the importance of always calling before you dig. Whether you are digging for utility work or just digging to plant some flowers, you always need to call 811 a few days ahead to ensure safe digging. 

The Green Hard Hat program is just one of the initiatives implemented by our Safety & Quality Department at INTREN to ensure the safety of all our crew members. This program identifies new workers through the use of green hard hats to communicate to our other experienced employees and our subcontractors of their status. This also denotes that INTREN's experienced and dedicated employees will need to mentor them during their first few months working for our company.

Towards the end of June, Simon Dawson, Safety Professional, took a trip to see the crew in working Sleepy Hollow, Illinois and met one of INTREN's most recent Green Hard Hat graduates, Derek Doty.  "I feel like it was easier to ask questions and the guys on my crew were more willing help me out since they knew I was a new apprentice," said Derek Doty, now Apprentice Level 1.  "It's good to understand who is new to the trade and for my guys to pay a little closer attention to him, especially if he goes to another crew," stated Foreman Ken Hedrick.  Pictured are Foreman Ken Hedrick (left) giving Derek Doty (right) his new white hard hat.

Before graduating from INTREN's Green Hard Hat Program, one must pass the final evaluation conducted by a General Foreman. The evaluation covers a variety of topics, including being able to identify hazards, determining the right PPE required for each task, understanding various rules and guides in regards to digging and proper work area protection, following all DOT regulations when driving, as well as other various items. This evaluation also covers their knowledge and understanding of OSHA, Federal, State, and Local Laws, along with INTREN company policies. The final step before graduation takes into account the person's work ethic and character to ensure a harmonious fit for INTREN and the employee.

INTREN's Green Hard Hat Program promotes safety while providing quality training – two aspects of INTREN's core values. By providing a safe and smooth transition from the beginning of the program until graduation, INTREN is creating an environment to help grow workers' knowledge of the field while instilling safe practices.

On Thursday, July 28th, 20 INTREN Fleet, Yard, and Supply employees took part in Industrial Lift Truck and Rough Terrain Fork Lift Training performed by JJ Keller. This training has two components: an hour and a half long formal class training and a practical exam, in which the attendee must demonstrate their proficiency in the safe operation and material handling of the specified equipment. Training was done in the morning and afternoon to accommodate the different shifts of the Fleet Services employees. The certification that each attendee receives upon completion of the training is valid for up to 3 years. 

INTREN's Mike Tilley, Safety Professional/CHST, received Train the Trainer training and is authorized to train new hires in the future one-on-one.

INTREN's internal POWER Group (Promoting Of Women in Energy Roles) met on Thursday, July 28th. This session's focus was on recapping the MEA’s Energetic Women's Conference in Houston, Texas.

Midwest ENERGY Association’s (MEA) Energetic Women is a program aimed to help prepare women within the energy industry for leadership roles in operations and engineering.  They help this initiative by encouraging leadership growth and development, mentoring, sharing information and expertise, and inspiring and supporting women in the industry.

The meeting kicked off with Carrie Lucas, ERP Support Analyst, discussing the industry news.  The recap of the four breakout sessions from the conference were presented by Carrie Lucas, ERP Support Analyst, Maggie Williams, Fleet Administration Coordinator, Chelsey Ball, Project Coordinator, Heather Bakke, Project Coordinator, Jessica Kinchus, Project Coordinator, and Ashley Hunter, Assistant Project Manager.  There was then a discussion of the two key note speakers from the conference presented by Christina Mazhary, Human Resources Manager, Christina Curtis, Assistant Project Manager, and Karolina Korzec, Project Coordinator.

It was a great opportunity for everyone who wasn't able to go to MEA's Energetic Women's Conference this year to be able to get a glimpse into what this conference offers and what it means to be an Energetic POWER-ful woman! 

As part of the Rock River Project, INTREN previously removed two three-pole structures on the north and south ends of the Rock River in Prophetstown, Illinois due to their decrepit condition and the safety hazards they posed. Crews from INTREN's Distribution Overhead led by Bill Nightingale, Senior Project Manager, and Jeff Vesley, General Foreman, worked diligently, efficiently, and safely to replace the old wooden structures with two new 70' steel structures. Using a 60 ton crane to place the two-piece structures on the cement foundations securely, initially the crews pulled the wire across the Rock River via boat to connect the towers. Next, they installed new 477 ACSR conductors for the 34kV lines that spanned between the towers and finished the installation later in the week.


As a forward thinking company, INTREN believes in continually investing in the future of our communities and employees.  Our comprehensive summer internship program is just one of the ways in which we achieve this goal.  This program engages and challenges each intern by providing hands-on training as well as showcasing the behind-the-scenes work that pushes a company towards success. 

In order to best serve our customers, our employees in the field must be supported by a wide range of diverse and talented individuals in the office.  The INTREN internship program helps with this initiative of strengthening both our field and office presence by providing a variety of positions within the business.  The various roles within the program range from finance and marketing to overhead and construction management.  The majority of the interns are currently pursuing higher education in the respective fields of their internship.

This summer, INTREN hired 12 interns across our office locations of Union, Woodstock, Bolingbrook, and Franklin Park.  Meet the fresh new faces of our INTREN’s interns:

Zachary Adcock & Devin Allbright - Construction Management Interns
Dylan Ayers - Journeymen Mechanic
Nicole Bertrand & Samantha Reis - Marketing Intern
Brendan Juno - IT Intern
Humberto Marquez - HR Support Intern
Taylor Nightingale & Shelby Young - Overhead Interns
Rudy Rosenmayer, Jr. - Cable Faults Intern
Jeremy Schneeweis - Finance Intern
Jordan Sutton - Underground Electrical Intern