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INTREN Think SafetyThis industrious group went 2 years also without a major safety incident. In fact, the last incident occurred in November of 2016. This is a tremendous feat with the amount of different work the team does day in and day out. In 2018, the team worked about 80% on our utility customer’s Ag program and other projects, and 20% on California High Speed Rail work; in 2019 Regional Vice President, West Jason Combs foresees the team switching the division of labor with most of it focusing on the California High Speed Rail work and less on the Ag program and other project work.

Obtaining this milestone is only possible if each and every team member keeps safety a top priority. "We're all very proud of our team in the Central Valley of California for reaching the milestone of two years incident-free," said Jason. "This group is setting the benchmark for other team on the West Coast and the company."  INTREN’s Fresno team members include Project Manager Reinaldo Mendoza, Project Coordinator Lindsey Nail, General Foreman Shane Harding, Foremen Christopher Smith and Steven Blevins, Journeymen Linemen Timothy Laffoon, Jessy Schoonover, Jeremy Tanner and Gary Henley, and Operator Matthew Stephens.

Intren Lattice Tower Construction by HelicopterIn September, our Illinois transmission team took helicopter training from English Air Services in preparation for a Transmission project in Central Illinois, which was recently completed. INTREN Marketing Manager Mary Smith caught a personal glimpse of our crew training – with 60 pounds of gear strapped to their waists on a bone-chilling 17-degree day, the crews took to the skies as if they were stepping on to a San Francisco trolley to complete the job. No fear, just hyper-focused on the task at hand.

Project 1: Fiber Optic Installation Between Substations

The project entailed hanging shield wire arms on top of 345 kV wooden H-structures and installing a dolly to pull the fiber optic in using the existing static wire. The men flew through the air on a helicopter cable referred to as the “long line”, which placed them on top the H-Structure. They then pre-drilled holes, so when the helicopter flew back with the 600-pound rail and landed it, the men could secure it to the structure. The project was 49.7 miles long and included 17 wire pulls in all. Their primary challenges to working safely were the wind and weather.

Project 2: Lattice Tower Structure Modification Work

In addition to the first project, the customer added on modification work on seven lattice towers, which included replacing attachment hardware for the existing shield wire. Unlike the H-structure work, the men worked off a skid platform, as the helicopter hovered alongside the tower.

Thank You to our INTREN employees who have gone above and beyond…

Project Manager Michael Urban and his gas team of Robert Barr, Anthony Cooper and other crew members, received kudos from our Pennsylvania utility customer recently after installing a gas line in less than 24 hours for an elderly couple, when their oil heater broke suddenly and could not be repaired. Frigid temps in the Pennsylvania area didn’t stop Mike and his team from their task at hand; and to make their Thanksgiving a little bit brighter, they surprised the couple with pumpkin pie and cookies.   

Operator Matt Bourman received recognition from our California utility customer this month for rendering care to a gunshot victim near a jobsite. With safety procedures top of mind throughout, he assisted the victim by using his own belt as a tourniquet to stop bleeding from the man’s femoral artery in his leg. “Matt’s ability to render care helped save the victim’s life… The steps Matt followed by assessing the situation and his surroundings, and putting on gloves before providing care, then cleaning himself after care, ensured he kept himself safe even while still saving the victim. Thank you, Matt, for your focus on safety and your heroic act!” – California utility customer    

Great Horned OwlExtending their pursuit of care and excellence on-the-job, Estimator Seth Melroy, General Foreman Andy Taft and his team, rescued an injured great horned owl near an INTREN yard and transported it safely to the Wildlife Rescue Center in King of Prussia, PA. Thank you for looking out for our feathered friend!

MWE Crew Member Josh Tolle
shared his joy of Halloween by buying and passing out candy to any kids who passed by his Cincinnati jobsite while celebrating on October 31st. This small act of kindness was greatly appreciated by the many children that were lucky enough to pass by Josh that day.
We at INTREN want to thank each of our employees, customers, vendors and community philanthropic organizations for a wonderful 30 years of business together in Chicago, its suburbs and from coast to coast. Our Founder, Loretta Rosenmayer, originally began our company out of her home to provide for her family, but she quickly saw customers with needs she and her team could fulfill.

Over the last three decades she has inspired hundreds of INTREN employees, in what was once a simple trenching company, to grow and transform to offer our customers multifaceted business solutions in the electric, gas and professional services fields. Whether working underground or overhead, or in amazing places in between, our team is challenged to think proactively and give their very best, as reflected in our company motto: OutPerforming. Everyday.

Today, INTREN is 1900 people strong and active in more than 10 states. Our company continues to grow and explore all facets of the energy industry and Loretta’s premise of attentive service, meeting and exceeding customers’ needs, still guides us. Thank you to everyone who has helped Loretta build a strong, nationwide utility service provider committed to excellence and innovative solutions. We consider it a privilege and an honor to work with each of you. Together, we look forward to another sensational 30 years of INSPIRING WHAT’S NEXT!
Jill WalterJill Walter joins INTREN LLC as Director of Electrical Operations, East effective Monday, October 29. Jill’s experience in Operations, Safety, Quality and business process improvement will further fortify the strengths of INTREN’s teams in this fast-growing East coast region, while serving INTREN’s utility customers. Jill will report to Sean Hughes, Regional Vice President, Central and East Region.

Walter most recently served as the Director of Safety and Quality for I.B. Abel, Inc., in York, PA--the single point of contact for one of the largest investor-owned utilities in the northeast U.S.—where she oversaw the safety program and developed and implemented many process improvement initiatives and performance metrics. Prior to her position at I.B. Abel, she also worked for many years at PPL Electric Utilities Corporation of Allentown, PA, most recently as Manager (Distribution Portfolio Management) and earlier, in many other leadership roles in Transmission, Asset Maintenance & Reliability, Mobile Operations Management and Distribution Asset Management.

“I’m excited about INTREN having the opportunity to hire someone with Jill’s qualifications,” said Senior Vice President of Electrical Operations Dennis Bednarski. “Jill is also from the region, so we can ensure that the cultural influence from the East Coast will be well represented.”

Jill received her Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (with a Business Minor) from Villanova University in Villanova, PA and her Master of Business Administration (with a Supply Chain Management Concentration) from Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA. She also earned several professional certificates and designations: Certified Utility Safety Professional (CUSP), Power Technology certificate, Professional Engineer, OSHA 10 and 20 certifications, Silica – Competent Person Trainer.

Outside of work, Jill volunteers for Girls on the Run Lehigh Valley as well as the United Way. She also enjoys coaching her son’s soccer team, running, hiking and spending time at the beach. She resides in Allentown, PA with her son, Finn (6), her daughter, Regan (5) and their dog Maggie (10-year-old Boxer).
ENR’s Top 600 Specialty Contractors issue is out and INTREN ranked #54 overall and #7 among the top utility firms in the U.S.
In the ENR Midwest 2018 Top Specialty Contractors rankings INTREN ranked #4, while five of our regional offices also placed in the Top 10.

#2 in Illinois
#8 in Kansas
#9 in Ohio
#10 in Missouri
#10 in Wisconsin

Thank you to our customers who continue to support us and to all our employees who outperform every day!
In 1988, Loretta Rosenmayer’s husband was diagnosed with a chronic illness and forced to stop working. As a stay-at-home mom with four young boys, it was clear that she had to become the breadwinner in the family. With a minimum wage job out of the question, and no money or construction experience, she accepted donations of used equipment from a friend’s out-of-business landscaping company and started trenching work for farms in Crystal Lake, IL. With four employees and meetings conducted at a local diner, Trench-It was born.

Shortly after, Illinois experienced a housing boom and utility companies couldn’t keep up with installing new home services. With a $15,000 loan from a female friend, Loretta was able to afford insurance premiums and started bidding jobs for the local utility.

In 1993, Loretta had the foresight to become certified with WBENC (Women’s Business Enterprise National Council). That relationship gave her an early edge with utility companies who were looking to expand their minority diversity spend.

As the only female, she was met with opposition. However, all the utility companies were concerned with was delivery and Loretta delivered. Soon Trench-It moved into electric overhead and underground and then gas services. By 2009, she changed the name to INTREN; the “IN” standing for integrity.

During the late 2000 recession when the business slowdown forced cutbacks, Loretta started looking outside of Illinois and took small jobs that no one else wanted.  When the economy came back, INTREN’s footprint quadrupled and they were instantly in 10 markets across the country.

To Loretta, stewardship “caring for other’s priorities as if they were our own” is not just a way of doing business; it is a way of life. By weaving this into the very fabric of INTREN’s culture, Loretta and the company have succeeded in earning the respect and support of peers, customers and the communities INTREN serves. And that has always been Loretta’s purpose--to serve and to make a difference. You see it in her mentoring of dozens of MWBE companies and the hundreds of charitable organizations she supports and how she passionately takes care of her customers and employees.
In 2017, Loretta stepped up to Chairwoman of the Board, and hired utility industry-veteran Kelly Tomblin as CEO.  Together, their vision for the future is to acquire and mentor additional MWBE companies, while continuing to strategically expand into new regions and deepen INTREN’s breath of services.

Now with 13 regional offices, 2,000 employees from coast-to-coast, and additional services in transmission and vegetation management, their vision is becoming a reality.

Industry-Veteran Drove Tremendous Growth Throughout the Midwest

Union, IL, October 10, 2018INTREN is proud to announce that Regional Vice President of Midwest Operations, Dennis Bednarski, has been promoted to Senior Vice President of Electrical Operations, effective immediately.

"Dennis has been instrumental in driving tremendous growth throughout the Midwest region, while continuing to improve operational performance and service levels for our customers," said INTREN CEO Kelly Tomblin. "His leadership ability has expanded his region by 300%, both geographically and in depth of services."

Since joining INTREN in October of 2015, Bednarski managed the Midwest region, which served utility customers in Ohio, Wisconsin, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Iowa and Michigan. reporting to Dennis will be Regional Vice President Sean Hughes, Jason Combs and Andy Carmean.

"Dennis' ability to align his team on training, safety, quality and work force development has made him an exceptional leader," said President Lance Rosenmayer. He empowers his people and brings synergies across the organization, which was also a kay factor in promoting him to run the electrical services divisions."

Prior to INTREN, Dennis was the General Manager of Electric Distribution, Water and Fleet for the City of Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. He also managed multiple departments for the City with a focus on safety, efficiencies, responsible budgeting and customer satisfaction.

Dennis also worked at ComEd for 22 years, serving in his later years as Manager, Joliet and Area Manager of the Elgin/Aurora offices. He has also been on the Board of Directors of the Municipal Electric Utilities of Wisconsin (MEUW) and the Wisconsin Public Power Association (WPPI), along with serving on numerous boards and tech schools in Wisconsin.

Dennis earned his bachelor's degree in Business and Management from National Louis University. Along with his wife Karen, and son Anton, he also farms in Watertown, Wisconsin.
Regional Vice President of Business Development, Keith Garvey and Business Development Manager, Lloyd Gillespie graduated from BGE's 1-year Focus Forward Academy in September. BGE launched this Academy, a diverse business empowerment initiative, in 2013. The program provides rigorous technical assistance, coaching and direct access to BGE leaders and business partners who are committed to growing diversity and certified partnerships.

"The Focus Forward Diversity Academy was an exceptional program that offered multiple benefits," said Keith Garvey, "It gave us the opportunity to meet BGE buyers and better understand their processes and selection criteria. The academy also gave us a chance to interact and build stronger relationships with both diverse regional companies and senior executives from BGE."

The Academy is one of several initiatives which helped BGE receive national recognition by Edison Electric Institute (EEI) this spring for its commitment to increase business and relationships with diverse suppliers.

The graduation's guest speaker Calvin Butler, CEO of BGE, said since becoming CEO at BGE he has seen a steady improvement in efficiencies and productivity by having a diverse team. He said BGE has done better financially each year, and the company's diversity spend increased from 14% in 2013 to what will be near 33% this year. Butler also shared that 29 companies that graduated from Focus Forward received contracts valued at $150M.

"Our opportunity to participate in the Focus Forward Academy means that we are joining a very distinguished group of graduates. Last year, several graduates of this program successfully competed and won major awards," said Lloyd Gillespie.

BGE is a subsidiary of Exelon Corporation. With headquarters in Baltimore, MD, BGE was founded in 1816 as the nation's first gas utility and currently is Maryland's largest natural gas and electric utility. 

For more information regarding the Focus Forward Academy, please contact Keith Garvey at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
George Castellano has been hired as Director of Operations for INTREN's East Coast Gas Division to significantly bolster efforts to provide gas services to an expanding market of customers. As such, George has direct operational oversight of all gas projects currently being performed in the Baltimore and Philadelphia areas as well as future opportunities George Castellano with an INTREN truckfor east coast growth. George brings over 30 years of experience in underground utility construction working on both coasts and has a Bachelor of Science in business administration.

In accordance with INTREN's 2018 strategic initiatives, the INTREN Gas Division is experiencing significant growth. INTREN has been recently awarded a series of contracts across its various operating regions, and more manpower is crucial in preparations for this dramatic growth. George will continue to build upon East Coast Regional offices, increase INTREN's market share with existing major utility companies, and identify new revenue streams and market opportunities.

"We're very excited to have George join our team," Jeff Nauman, Vice President of Gas Operations, stated. "With our east coast gas teams in Philadelphia and Baltimore experiencing such rapid growth, combined with numerous new opportunities, the timing was right to add a Director of Operations located on the east coast who is solely dedicated to our customers in that region. This move also allows Doug Anderson [Director of Operations, Midwest Gas] to focus on our Midwest gas customers where we are also experiencing significant growth with several other new opportunities."

Matt Turk, Executive Vice President of Customer Solutions, gave his opinion on the hire. "With growth in our gas division, this is the perfect time to have both Midwest and East Coast directors of operations. We're excited that George joined the team and that Doug can focus on the Midwest."