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A Glowing LED Light BulbDoes it seem like your building leaves the lights on so the stack of papers and file cabinets don’t get scared during the night? If this sounds like your building, you’re not alone. According to ENERGY STAR, an average office building wastes 30% of energy consumed. With a few small changes, commercial buildings could reduce their energy usage by up to 10% with little to no cost to the business or building owner.

Here are 7 tips to help reduce energy usage in the office. Doing so saves your business money and could help the environment.

1. Use a power strip. Using a power strip allows for fast and easy access to a number of devices. A power strip acts as a central connection point for all energy-consuming devices. This gives you the ability to completely disconnect the device from the power supply.

2. Turn off the lights! The easiest way to save energy is to turn the lights off. Designate that the last person in the office to turn off the lights at the end of the day. Also, energy efficient lightbulb use 75% less energy. Spend the couple of dollars and change out your old light bulbs with new, LED ones.

3. Let your office breathe. Clear away obstructions from vents and air returns. You could reduce energy usage by a fourth by allowing your office to breathe.

4. Clean your HVAC system. Cleaning duct work, changing filters and getting annual tune-ups help reduce excessive energy usage and the chance of your aging HVAC system failing.

5. Create an energy saving team. Appoint individuals in your office to an energy-saving team. These individuals will be tasked with learning, creating and implementing new ways to better your office’s energy usage.

6. Recycle. Recycle at your office. Print on both sides of the paper, only print what you need and recycle what you don’t need. Printing less and less amount of times saves energy and reduces our effect on the environment.

7. Earn the ENERGY STAR Certification. By earning the EPA’s ENERGY STAR Certification for your building, your building will use about 35% less energy, saving money on energy costs and inefficiencies. Think about purchasing ENERGY STAR rated products to further reduce your energy usage.

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