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Representing the industry’s highest safety standards and operating practices, nationally recognized utility contractor, INTREN, has endorsed its support of DUKE Energy’s Cardinal Electric Safety Rules (CESR) campaign.

Practicing and promoting excellence in all aspects of construction safety is at the forefront of INTREN’s success. The DUKE Energy CESR campaign targets continual improvement of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Grounding/Zero Energy Check/Tagging, and Cover-up/Insulate and Isolation. 

In support of DUKE Energy, its Vice President, Charles R. Whitlock, and the greater electric utility industry, INTREN’s leadership team reviewed and identified all areas of safety responsibility. INTREN signed and presented its plan to DUKE Energy to help fulfill its safety campaign. As of January 25, 2016, INTREN and DUKE Energy implemented the CESR campaign on all DUKE Energy job sites.

In the past year, INTREN has received the 2014 Underground Contractors Association Safety Award and PG&E Gold Shovel Certification. In addition, the company has implemented a new on-site job brief that enable crew members to communicate, identify and share potential risk factors with more ease and clarity. Its commitment to this campaign further identifies INTREN’s mission to promote and manage excellence in all aspects of construction safety.