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Crews begin work on Tulsa, Oklahoma Network Cable System Replacement Project

This April, INTREN joined forces with American Electric Power (AEP) to replace old secondary cables and splices throughout downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma. We are excited to be presented our first project contract with AEP and look forward to completing network cable replacement project by early 2018.

Stationed in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma, two INTREN electrical crews have already begun working on the downtown network system. Led by INTREN Account Manager Steve Littrell, Project Manager Joe Immer, General Foreman Jon Bennett, and Foreman Dean Davis and this July, two more INTREN electrical crews will join forces to complete the system wide overhaul. Currently the project is set to replace a total of 74,380 feet of cable. Thus far in 2015 we have replaced over 3,000 feet of secondary cables sizing from, 4/0 to 500mcm, and have installed over 2,000 feet of secondary cable sizing from 500mcm, to 750mcm. We have also spliced in 3 sets of 750 network crabs.

INTREN’s partnership with AEP promises to bring economic growth and electrical stability to the downtown area by providing improved reliability. We would like to thank Jon Bennett (GF), Dean Davis (F), and Jeremy Farris (GMEO) for their dedication to travel from St. Louis to Tulsa to lead and train the local workforce.

The opportunity to take part in improving reliability in the city is a reflection of INTREN’s core value to serve as stewards in our communities’ and with our customers’ best interests in mind. We are honored to take part in the Tulsa network cable replacement project and will continue to support AEP in any way possible.