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Intren's Gold Shovel Certificate and SealContinuing our motto that, “safety is our number one priority,” we are proud to announce that INTREN has receive the PG&E Gold Shovel Standard Certification. This certification is the first of its kind in the industry and is presented to PG&E excavation contractors that adhere to the safest excavation standards.

To obtain this certification, PG&E excavation contractors must perform no more than two dig-ins within a rolling 12-month period and develop and adhere to a Dig-In Prevention Policy that includes an excavation statement, training program, corrective action plan and an Employee Acknowledgment and Accountability Statement.

INTREN is the 21st excavation contractor to receive this certification with PG&E. “This certification is another example of the lengths INTREN goes to in order to provide the safest working environments for our employees, communities and clients,” Regional Vice President, Jason Combs, said. “We look forward to continuing to work with PG&E and provide them and their clients with the safest working conditions.” 

Beginning January 1, 2016, contractors who wish to excavate or subcontract excavation work for PG&E must obtain Gold Shovel Standard Certification by making a commitment to safe digging practices in accordance with the California "One Call Law" (California Government Code 4216) and the Common Ground Alliance best practices for excavation.

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