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Intren's Jason Combs participates in a panel discussionAt this year’s Western Energy Institute (WEI) Operations Conference, INTREN’s Regional Vice President, Jason Combs, was one of four distinguished guests on a panel that focused on contract management strategies. Titled, “The Best Bang for Your Buck: Contract Management Strategy,” the panel spoke about how utilities will have to work smarter in order to meet increasing and diverse customer expectations. 

Combs, and the other expert panel members, discussed the need to replace aging infrastructure, maintain and improve existing systems, deal with the emergence of smart grid concepts and customer requests. Panelists spoke on expertise and experience in solving the increasing workload for electrical utilities. The panel explained and examined test strategies to manage the workload and meet obligations by utilizing a contract work-force. They also provided insight on best approaches in order to optimize the use of contractors in organizations. 

Combs spoke about INTREN’s contracted work with ComEd on their Cable Replacement and Cable Fault Program as an example of a turnkey project that exhibited such strategies. In this example, the panel examined the contracting firm’s ability to manage the project from conception to completion, which reduced inefficiency and construction delays due to design issues and the complications of having multiple parties involved. Combs explained how this type of work reduced the amount of information hand offs between firms as the work was previously designed and how this strategy can help stabilize the work flow by establishing long-term contracts.

The opportunity for key leadership to take part of this forward-thinking panel is a prime example of INTREN’s dedication to lead as stewards within the construction industry. With leaders like Combs willing to speak on the turnkey methods and processes INTREN possesses, INTREN will continue to lead as a forward-thinking utility solutions provider.

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