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Crew at Big Rock#INTRENHeroes. As If doing essential utility work during a pandemic isn't hard enough, an INTREN truck and trailer were also hit by another vehicle that ran a stop sign. INTREN Illinois lineman Max Gaines, who is also a certified EMT and volunteer fireman, assisted the unconscious driver, and rendered first aid to her and her infant.
Foreman Garrett Sullivan called 911 and helped Max, as his crew redirected traffic, addressed a fuel leak, and safeguarded downed power wires, by following their INTREN training.

Thank you to the heroic efforts of General Foremen Shawn Rasmussen and Darrell Holmstrom, Foreman Garrett Sullivan and Linemen Max Gaines, Steve Gillespie and Paul Jones. You are shining examples of #OutPerformingEveryday #BeingINTREN