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It has now been more than a month since many have entered into a new phase of living and working as “Stay at Home’ and “Shelter at Home” mandates were implemented. For most of us at INTREN, that meant going to work as usual with greater attention to social distancing and sanitizing. For others, it meant working from home. For a lot of us, it means navigating the treacherous waters of “distance learning” with our children. For all of us, it means uncertainty and change.  
Against that frenzied backdrop, however, I continue to be in awe of the courage, strength, adaptability and spirit of Team INTREN. Throughout my travels and conversations, I continue to hear great optimism, steadfast commitment and overwhelming pride related to the contribution we are making to keep our communities safe. We understand that the work we do is critical to keeping lights on, people warm, hospital services and transportation running. We know we are an important piece of the safety and security our world needs now. 
The word “courage” comes from the root “cor”—the Latin word for “heart.” Philosophers suggest that courage entails the art of giving up the “smaller self” that runs away from a heart-based bravery to accept the “larger self” who embraces it. As I watch the courage of so many of our essential workers—including those at INTREN, I am reminded of that broader definition of courage. It is truly heart based. 
So, as we continue to face the twists and turns of the current state, let’s continue to keep our eyes also looking toward the horizon. This will, one day, be over. In the meantime, let’s continue to support each other and show the world exactly who we are—INTREN STRONG. 
Power on!  
Kelly Tomblin 
President & Chief Executive Officer