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Civil CrewDespite doing essential work during an unprecedented time, Illinois crews in three divisions- Commercial & Industrial, Bore and Civil- have reached significant incident-free milestones this month. We applaud these crews for their steadfast efforts to make safety a priority, while looking out for one another, our utility customers and the public.

Illinois Commercial & Industrial Crews: 4-Years Incident-Free

INTREN’s Commercial & Industrial division have reached an incredible 4-year incident-free milestone this month! From installing data banks and site lighting to electrical and residential dry utility work, foremen Chad Jump, Mike Kopec and Kevin Hansing “have been steadfast about watching each other’s backs and in adhering to strict safety standards while they work,” said Project Manager Tanner Cummings. Regional Director Mearl Kise-Halsall, also praised her team. "A four-year, event-free safety record is a remarkable feat that is rarely achieved. Our hardworking C&I Division is clearly dedicated to making safety a priority, and I highly commend the team for their significant accomplishment.”

Illinois Bore Crews: 1-Year Incident-Free

Led by Superintendent Chris Tipton, General Foremen Stacey Taylor and Mario Valencia, the crews take great pride in owning their job site and making safety a priority. “Challenges on the job are numerous,” said Tipton. “Working with poly daily is a hazardous situation. Our Crews also do a lot of heavy lifting. Some job sites are in areas where there is heavy traffic, so proper traffic control is a must.” Tipton also added that GF’s “Mario and Stacey do a great job of positioning crews to ensure customer need dates are met. They communicate daily to ensure the right crew with the correct tooling is set up and ready for success the following day.”

Illinois Civil Crews: 1-Year Incident-Free

Led by Superintendent Marty Kominoski and General Foremen Brian Miller, Chuck Hill, and Dan Proffitt, their complex Civil work spans from downtown Chicago and into the far-reaching suburbs. "The Civil Division is one of the hardest working groups at INTREN," said Regional Director Mearl Kise-Halsall. "We rely on our crews to perform flawlessly and they deliver day-after-day. These crews must always be prepared for the unexpected and that takes continuous communication amongst the crew.” Spend any time on an INTREN Civil project and you will appreciate their skill and work ethic. “The general foremen have been able to build a dedicated highly-skilled team,” said Kominoski. “These crews take pride in their craft and it shows every day."

Thank you for OutPerforming.Everyday.