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Given that INTREN’s normal work includes storm disaster response, it shouldn’t be surprising that INTREN started its COVID-19 preparation even before the virus had a name. We began briefing our nearly 2,000 employees on social distancing and other steps to prevent virus transmission in January, when total U.S. cases were in the single digits. In addition, more than five years ago, INTREN reviewed and enhanced its business continuity plans.

Currently, INTREN is focused on maintaining the health of our employees and working closely with our utility partners to help them perform the essential work needed to keep our communities and country safe. We recognize that the everyone’s physical well-being and the long-term health of our communities depends on the local utilities’ ability to continue to maintain critical electrical and gas infrastructure services during this emergency, and that local utilities have relied on INTREN for more than 30 years to assist them with that work.

As cities and states implement ‘shelter-in-place’ and shutdown directives, INTREN, as an exempt workforce, is committed to doing our part to help keep needed services intact. INTREN’s IT, HR, and legal teams, supported by a leadership team experienced in health and weather emergencies, are working continuously to address elements of the COVID-19 situation as it evolves.

INTREN’s business model calls for us to be an expert in dealing with catastrophe. We respond to hurricanes, fires and other serious events that can be chaotic. We know how to adjust and overcome, because we know the risk, we are well-trained, and we take pride in helping people. So, as the world deals with a pandemic, INTREN continues to move forward because we know our industry is critical to the safety and well-being of everyone.