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Matt Turk and Kelly Tomblin of INTREN with Melody Birmingham-Byrd of Duke EnergyINTREN was honored to receive Duke Energy’s 2019 Excellence Award for Diverse Supplier of the Year during their 4th Annual Supplier Exchange Forum held in Charlotte, North Carolina on October 29th.

The Diverse Supplier of the Year award is presented to a supplier based on several factors including, but not limited to, spend growth and the supplier’s performance and safety record.

“INTREN’s commitment to leading the industry in diversity, equality, and inclusion – along with its exceptional service makes it well-deserving of this award,” said Melody Birmingham-Byrd, Duke Energy’s Chief Procurement Officer.

INTREN is one of the largest female-owned and operated electric and gas infrastructure construction companies in the country and has a female-majority board with founder Loretta Rosenmayer presiding at the helm.
Duke Energy’s business with INTREN has grown exponentially since 2012 and now encompasses 5-different work types, including a civil underground construction division that is approaching 4-years incident-free.

“This honor is the result of our dedicated leaders and crews in both Ohio and Indiana, who exemplify excellence in all they do,” said CEO Kelly Tomblin. “We couldn’t be prouder of our partnership with Duke Energy. Since we share the same values of service, safety, innovation, and stewardship, our work is more meaningful.”

INTREN has embraced diversity, equality and inclusion at its core from its inception. “It’s in our DNA and the very foundation of who we are as a company,” said Executive Vice President of Customer Solutions Matthew Turk. “We believe that a diverse workplace fosters creativity and innovation, while allowing the company and employees to reach their full potential to deliver safe, high quality service.”

This week, INTREN also took a pledge with over 800 leading CEOs to advance and act on diversity and inclusion in the work place. Read more about it here.