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INTREN has been nominated to lead the planning and organizational efforts of the Nicor Gas Contractor Safety Forums for 2020. It will be driven by Corporate Safety Manager Simon Dawson, who has been part of this year’s planning committee. INTREN’s one-year appointment began at the close of the October 17, 2019 meeting.
The Forum started in April 2018 and is a partnership between Nicor and the 43 contractors that work within their footprint. The grass roots enterprise fosters an avenue of communication and allows contractors to discuss ongoing safety, quality and efficiency issues, as well as share examples of good catches and exceptional performance in the field.
Held at the Nicor facility in Naperville, each quarterly forum consists of topics that are decided on and presented by contractors, as well as information and expectations that are supplied by Nicor’s contract management team.
Past topics have included Damage Prevention, Quality Assurance, Environmental Concerns, Audit Trending, Hazard Communication, Traffic Control, Safety Culture Share, and Injury Prevention.
Each year, one of the 43 contractors is chosen to lead the planning and organizational efforts. INTREN is the third contractor to hold this position.