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Mike Baney of Intren"My passion has always been fabrication and design and watching ideas come to life," said Journeyman Mechanic Mike Baney. "Life hasn't changed much for me, but I am proud to upfit or refurbish a truck and make it easier for our crews to work more efficiently."

Many thanks to Mike and our Fleet Department from coast-to-coast. You are the unsung heroes that keep INTREN running! Together, we are #INTRENStrong! #OutPerformingEveryday
Water bottles from PathoSansA gracious thank you to PathoSans​ who is producing and donating 5,000 gallons of surface disinfectant a day for #essentialworkers! More than 30 municipalities, first responders, and hospitals in the Chicagoland area have been able to pick up what they needed to kill the COVID-19 virus (among many others) on hard surfaces, such as trucks, tools, and countertops.
Facilities Administrator Jessica Bernardi picked up 20 gallons of the disinfectant and dropped them off at some of the major yards in the Chicagoland area and will be going back for more.
PathoSans, an 80-year old company that manufactures the machines that make sanitizer, wanted to help Governor Pritzker and Illinois, so they applied for a special permit to distribute the disinfectant locally. Their sanitizing machines are used at Disney World (160 of them!), as well as school districts throughout the state.

Thank you for your generosity and for being a #companythatcares! #DoingEssentialWork
Dean Davis of IntrenHow are our crews remaining #INTRENStrong during this pandemic? According to Dean Davis, General Foreman of Civil & Electrical Inspections in St. Louis, "It's all in the type of personality you have- the "lead, follow or get out of the way" persona. We are fortunate enough that we have the type-A personalities to lead and work safely, not just for themselves, but for their family and crew, as well as the pedestrians that pass by our job site."

Thank you to Dean and his crews for #doingessentialwork #OutPerformingEveryday
John Sieminski and Tyler Vogt of IntrenOur two most recent graduates of the Green Hard Hat program are representing the East Coast as part of our BG&E gas team.
John Sieminski, pictured on the left wearing an Orioles hat, was given his new hat by GF Vince Fiorenza.
Tyler Vogt, pictured on the right without a hat, was given his new hat by Foreman James Piotrowski.
Congratulations to both of you, and thanks for developing as part of our Intren team.
intren at Windy City Golf Classic 2019INTREN was proud to be a sponsor for the Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation’s Windy City Golf Classic. This amazing organization impacted over 1.5 million at-risk youth around the globe in 2018 alone. They continue to guide kids toward healthier futures while transforming communities.
INTREN at Fore the Children 2019INTREN's Midwest Operations Director Matt Guenzler and Project Manager Joe Immer, along with their customers, teed off recently for a great cause in St. Louis. 'Fore the Children' is an event hosted by the United Services for Children who provide pediatric therapy and early intervention services to children of all abilities while offering support services for their families. INTREN is proud to support such a wonderful organization!
INTREN Red Nose Day 2019Who doesn't love a red nose? Especially when it is a fundraising effort to help end child poverty with programs that keep children safe, healthy, and nose at a time! INTREN's Midwest division was excited to participate in Red Nose Day USA in St. Louis and to show off their noses proudly! A huge thank you to Groundman Equipment Operator Greg Lawrence for purchasing the noses for the team and helping a great cause!
INTREN at FWC 2019Six INTREN employees attended the Federation of Women Contractors' (FWC) lively annual fundraiser on Thursday, June 6 at Carnivale Restaurant in Chicago. This year's event was themed VEGAS, BABY and featured a red-carpet welcome, musical entertainment, silk acrobatic performers, magicians, dancers and Elvis, of course!

The FWC is committed to advocating for women-owned businesses and women executives in the construction industry. The organization is fully engaged in economic development and public affairs to ensure its members are successful entrepreneurs.
As a founding sponsor for #CONSTRUCT, INTREN was thrilled to celebrate with this year's graduates. We are especially proud of junior estimator and CONSTRUCT graduate, Dexter Allison Jr for being selected to give a speech at the festivities on Monday! The nine-week training program is designed to increase the pool of qualified minority candidates for construction jobs in Illinois by strengthening job readiness and life skills and preparing for industry-required testing that is often a prerequisite for employment.

Intren at CONSTRUCT Dexter Allison Jr speaks at CONSTRUCT graduation

INTREN was proud to again sponsor the 2017 Exelon African American Resource Alliance (EAARA) Diane Lewis Scholarship Golf Outing on Saturday, June 3rd. The money raised at the
event funded 30 scholarships for African American students pursuing post high school education. The INTREN foursome of Business Development Manager Lloyd Gillespie, Foreman Pete Becker, Tim Ahern, and ComEd representative Jacob Leonard took home first place. During the event, the President and CEO of ComEd Anne Pramaggiore took pictures with many of the golfers, including INTREN’s teams.
Team Intren stands together for a group photo

The town of Marengo came together as a community last Saturday to build the INTREN Playground and fulfill a wish for neighborhood children and parents. Part of the park district's Indian Oaks Park, it was a project that had always been close to Marengo resident Mike Miller's heart.

Back in 1993, Miller, a retired Underground Civil Superintendent for INTREN, had initially installed the original playground equipment. However, over the years with lost and broken parts, a manufacturer that was out of business and no longer ADA compliant, the park district was forced to restrict access and then remove the equipment in 2016.

"To see a snow fence around the old equipment to keep kids out was disheartening," said Miller. "I couldn't just sit there and do nothing. With construction background experience that was much needed on the Marengo City Council, I was appointed to a vacant alderman position, where I could make a difference."

Soon after, Joe Vallez, who had built playgrounds for other municipalities, had been hired as the new Marengo Park District Superintendent. With a common interest and ally in Vallez, they began the fundraising necessary to build the playground.

"Many local businesses stepped up to the plate with either monetary donations or much needed product, such as fill or concrete," said Miller. "INTREN, who has always supported the Marengo community, gave us a generous donation and we are honored to name the playground in their name."

INTREN's Underground Civil Crew also played a vital part in the buildout of the playground. The crew included Marengo residents - Brian Miller, Dan Profit, Kyle Secor, Wes Quick, Paul Mitzelfelt and Boyd Bohn.

"The INTREN crew was key to the successful build," said Vallez. They were there every step of the way to help in any way they could."

Also on hand, were dozens of locals, along with the Marengo Fire/ Rescue Squad and newly-elected Marengo Mayor John Koziol.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony, which will include fun activities for the kids, will be on Saturday, June 3rd at Noon. All are welcome to bring their kids and join in the fun and festivities! 

Pictured Below:


2-Marengo Park District Superintendent Joe Vallez, INTREN's Matt Turk, Mike Miller, Marengo Mayor John Koziol 


Marengo Park District Superintendent Joe Vallez, INTREN's Matt Turk, Mike Miller, Marengo Mayor John Koziol

The Annual Junior Achievement Bowl-A-Thon was a complete success! By the end of the night, INTREN and Nicor Gas raised over $10,000 for Junior Achievement of Will County, and these funds will enhance the education of 500 students that live in Will County. 

Junior Achievement (JA) is an organization that works to inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy. JA Chicago specifically seeks to improve youth education across Chicago by getting companies like INTREN and Nicor Gas into the inspiration business. This year, the Will County Division of JA has a goal of reaching 1,387 classrooms and 25,945 students. It is amazing that INTREN was able to reach 500 of these students in just one night!

The evening began with Lloyd Gillepsie, Business Development Manager, throwing the honorary first bowl and kicking off the night right with a strike. While the evening consisted of many more strikes and friendly competition between teams, it also consisted of pizza, prize giveaways, and a 50/50 raffle. Over $400 worth of raffle tickets were bought in a matter of a couple of hours thanks to the kindness of INTREN and Nicor Gas representatives. The winner of the raffle, James Althoff, Director of Business Development, generously decided to give all of the money back to JA.

In October 2015, INTREN donated a used fleet truck to New Life for Haiti to help with the organization’s mission of positively impacting the Marfranc community in Haiti.

New Life for Haiti is a charity aimed at making a significant difference in Marfranc, a village along the Grande Anse River.  This charity was initially started in 2006 when Fran Leeman, a pastor from the Chicago area, along with several friends decided to make a difference.  They had made various trips to Haiti for about 10 years before they decided to pinpoint one specific area and solely dedicate their time there in order to make a long term difference.  They set up their headquarter’s office in Marfranc and have been devoted to making an impact ever since.

Since New Life’s start, they have been able to build schools and help farmers with seed after terrible floods, as well as help rebuild homes after the 2010 earthquake.

New Life for Haiti’s mission statement is to “give children a chance at a future, to meet the urgent needs of families, to foster new economic opportunities, and to influence cultural thinking toward a sustainable change within the Grande Anse River Valley on the southern peninsula of Haiti.”  In order help to fulfill this mission statement, New Life created a child sponsorship program in which a child receives education, food, vitamins, clothing, books, and school supplies.

INTREN first became involved with this organization through Erin Inman of Primera Engineers, whose husband is the Chairman of the Board for New Life for Haiti. Due to Erin's involvement with New Life, INTREN became aware that this organization was in desperate need of a truck to help transport building materials, and was quick to offer a contribution. After the donated used fleet truck was inspected and fixed, INTREN delivered it to Erin in Naperville late last year, who then in turn shipped it to Haiti.

INTREN's Fleet Services team members worked hard to ensure the donated truck was in perfect shape before it was shipped to Haiti, such as testing and checking the engine, and replacing the radiator and air conditioner. Donated trucks need to be in impeccable working shape before being shipped to organizations like New Life for Haiti as the community usually doesn't have the means to fix the vehicles once they receive them.   

The INTREN truck has already made quite the difference in the Marfranc community. As can be seen in the pictures, it is somewhat of a spectacle for the local kids.

INTREN is happy to do our part in giving back to communities around the world. Jim Bishop, Director of Fleet Services, stated that "It feels great to serve an additional purpose; it's rewarding and humbling to be a part of it." 

On Tuesday, June 21st, three of INTREN’s new summer interns had the privilege of attending the National Latino Education Institute’s (NLEI) 44th Annual Dinner with INTREN executives and guests. Loretta Rosenmayer, CEO and founder of INTREN, is a longtime advocate of NLEI and their efforts to improve the quality of life for disadvantaged youth.

INTREN’s interns had never been to an event like this before and had no idea what to expect. Although they knew that NLEI seeks to enhance the quality of life for Latinos by providing education and employment opportunities, it was not until they actually experienced this event did the interns realize how much of an impact this organization truly makes and the role that INTREN plays in this impact.

The event consisted of a silent auction followed by a dinner with keynote speakers. The program was hosted by CBS 2 Chicago News’s Roseanne Tellez who did a great job at keeping the crowd entertained. The night was full of entertainment, but also full of powerful stories from NLEI alumni.

“For me it helped to see firsthand what a difference NLEI makes in the community,” said Samantha Reis, Marketing Intern. “The speaker that really stood out to me was Nancy Rociles. She told us about her struggles making it in America with limited educational and career opportunities. Hearing how she overcame domestic violence and came to NLEI for support truly opened my eyes to the impact that NLEI can offer each individual. Through the help of NLEI, this single mother now has the proper training and education to advance her career and make her mark on the world.”

The last keynote speaker, Dimas Trujillo, talked about how the CONSTRUCT Program changed his life and how NLEI and INTREN gave him opportunities that he never thought were possible. The CONSTRUCT Program gives participants the opportunity to develop skills for entry-level positions in the construction industry. Since graduating the CONSTRUCT Program, he is now working with INTREN and wants to continue to grow his professional career.

In reference to the silent auction, Dimas joked at the end of his speech, “I promise one day I’ll be outbidding some of you.”

Seeing firsthand how INTREN, along with all of the other supporters, impacts NLEI and all that NLEI does for its communities, was a very rewarding experience for all of the interns at the 44th Annual Dinner.   

On Tuesday, June 7th, three dedicated INTREN employees went out of their way to help an elderly gentleman in need in downtown Tulsa. While on their lunch break, Tulsa crew members Russell Politte, Jason Hunt, and Nathan Beers noticed Henry Rogers was lying on the sidewalk, obviously fallen from the heat. While many others merely walked past him, these INTREN employees didn't hesitate to get up and provide help. While these good Samaritans were doing what good Samaritans do, an intern for the Tulsa World newspaper happened to be walking by and was curious of the sight that she saw. Here is her story as posted on the Tulsa World website.

After reading this amazing story, we called their GF, Mike Lechlider, to find out more about these good Samaritans. Mike told us these guys are doing an amazing job showcasing the INTREN way and is very proud of these individuals as well as all of his guys! Lechlider stated, "They were doing the INTREN thing. Doing the right thing every day." These three INTREN employees are one of Lechlider's five crews working downtown in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Hunt has been with us since April of 2015, while Politte and Beers are from the St. Louis INTREN office and transferred to the Tulsa job over 3 weeks ago. Regardless of how long these men have been at INTREN, they have already adopted our core values to serve. It's unfortunate that not everyone would go out of their way to help a fellow human being in need, but these guys are a prime example of doing the right thing which happens to be the INTREN way - OutPerforming. Everyday.

*Photo taken from

The Federation of Women Contractors' (FWC) 10th Annual Women Rock Awards was recently held on Wednesday, June 1st. Among those honored was our very own Loretta Rosenmayer with the Women's Inspiration Award. A lifelong supporter of women and member of the FWC, Loretta inspires those around her on a daily basis to be strong, independent women who make a difference in the world.

Hosted at the House of Blues in Chicago, the night's theme was the 70's of "Peace, Love, and Women Contractors" in honor of the women's movement that occurred during the 70's. The FWC is one of the oldest and most recognized leaders among women-owned construction businesses in the Chicago area. It started in 1989 and remains "committed to advocating for women-owned businesses and women executives in the construction industry."

The INTREN attendees included: Mary Lucarelli, Tanner Cummings, Amanda Glissman, Kathleen Pierce, Christina Curtis, Susan McElfresh, Maggie Williams, Jessica Kinchus, Karolina Korzec, Val Menolascina, Beth Alm, Samantha Deaton, Rachel Chronowski, Alexis Twardzik, Jackie Zelinski, Jennifer Chaffin, Katie Borst, Diane Loftin, and Heidi Schmitt.

Congratulations Loretta and to all the award recipients of the night.

In May, INTREN, along with 30 construction industry companies, utility providers ComEd, Peoples Gas and Nicor Gas, as well as 6 social service agencies celebrated the accomplishments of 71 dedicated individuals who successfully completed the CONSTRUCT job training program.

Led by ComEd, this 11-week job training program offers professional support and assistance from committed companies who want to make a difference in helping minorities prepare for jobs in the construction industry. 

The six social service agencies, using experienced trainers, taught the classes at their facilities, provided individual job counseling and guidance, and worked with students on job placement opportunities. Entry-level job opportunities can include meter reader, truck drivers, customer service representative, designer, electric apprentice, and more.

This alliance of sponsoring companies and utility providers, along with IBEW locals 9, 15, 134, 196 and Laborers’ District Council of Chicago & Vicinity, actively support CONSTRUCT and have played an important part in growing this program. Their goal is to foster increased diversity in the construction industry through education, contracting and employment.

Although no promise of employment is guaranteed –an amazing 80 percent of previous participants have been offered employment. From the 2016 graduating class, INTREN has hired two union laborers and two union IBEW groundmen so far. 

“Quite frankly, job-driven training works,” Loretta Rosenmayer, INTREN Founder & CEO, said.  “These talented students are not just looking for jobs, they’re looking for fulfilling careers.  CONSTRUCT helps participants fulfill their career goals while helping to fill the jobs our industry needs today and in the future with skilled workers.”

CONSTRUCT has proven beneficial for companies. By providing a valuable source of qualified and skilled workers, CONSTRUCT is improving the prospects for expansion and continued success in the construction industry. 

To date, about 150 students have participated in the program, and participation continues to grow year-over-year. 

For more information on how you can become involved in CONSTUCT, visit

In an effort to decrease paperwork and improve work function and flexibility for its customers, INTREN has developed a way to provide instantaneous proof of an employee’s Operator Qualifications (OQ) during a client, regulator or internal audit. Before going live this April, INTREN’s operations and support services worked together to implement QR codes on INTREN gas personnel I.D. badges. A QR (Quick Response) code is a matrix barcode optical label that contains information and data that can be read when scanned by today’s modern cellphones.  Badges now display an individual’s OQs through a QR code scanner when viewed on a mobile device.

Led by Steve Canestrini, INTREN Operator Qualifications Manager, and the Human Resources and Information Technology departments, INTREN successfully partnered with staff at MEA to take the auto-generated QR codes and place them on the gas division’s I.D. badges. Now, inspectors or regulators at worksites simply use a QR code reader on their smart phone to scan the INTREN badges, and information regarding the individual’s qualifications will be displayed. Once the information is displayed, the inspectors or regulators can determine the OQ tasks an individual is qualified to complete.

Before the I.D. badge update, crews were required to produce paperwork as proof of employee’s qualification levels before beginning work on any project. Work was sometimes stalled when performing audits while employees retrieved the necessary paperwork required for proof of certification. Certification papers were sorted through, presented and approved before work could resume.

With the I.D. badge update, INTREN worksites are more efficient as audits can happen with little interruption of work. With the help of the Human Resources department, it takes just minutes to update an individual’s OQ information. INTREN is now equipped to readily present verification to its clients that it is providing a skilled and knowledgeable workforce. The update also helps employees understand what type of work they are qualified to perform. For most OQ Tasks, individuals are required to requalify every three years.  

New in 2016, INTREN is proud to announce the launch of our new interactive safety game. We unveiled it at this year’s Midwest Mutual Assistance Group’s (MMA) Conference in Chicago, Illinois, and then showcased it at the May Midwest Energy Association’s (MEA) Electric Operations and Technical Leader Summit in Springfield, Illinois, and again at Edison Electric Institute’s (EEI) Annual Convention in June in Chicago, Illinois.  At each of these conferences, INTREN invited attendees to test their utility safety skills and to share their safety knowledge.

In a time limit of 60 seconds, the game asks the attendees to identify only the photos that depict unsafe procedures. Procedures may include: incorrect PPE, misplaced safety cones, tripping hazards, etc.  Accompanied by photos of safe procedures, attendees select the unsafe photos as they fall from the top of an interactive touch screen. The game provides an interactive way to showcase unsafe behavior that could occur in the field, and how to identify and correct them.

As an industry leader in safety, INTREN is continuously seeking to improve safety on job sites as well as to be part of the safety dialogue in the construction industry. For more information on INTREN’s safety team, visit: To play INTREN’s safety game, stop by our exhibit at the August MEA Gas Operations Technical & Leadership Summit Conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Since January, INTREN has expanded its gas division from the Midwest to new territories on the East Coast. With teams and a project management office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, INTREN has expanded its footprint to the Baltimore, Maryland area to assist another East Coast utility on their distribution system modernization projects.

INTREN’s gas division growth is largely driven by the need for upgrades to utilities’ natural gas infrastructure across the country. With modernization efforts underway throughout the East Coast and Midwest regions, INTREN is in a good position to accept the challenge of taking on natural gas system modernization projects. With East Coast resources strained, INTREN has trained two teams through in-house courses, and has mobilized its fleet earlier this month to begin work in Baltimore.

“This is a great time to be in the contracting industry,” INTREN Account Manager, Doug Anderson, said. “We really have to focus on being strategic about our growth and approach to the work. “The rapid modernization efforts we are seeing from the Midwest to the East Coast have created a fantastic opportunity for INTREN to expand its footprint,” said INTREN Vice President of Gas Operations, Jeff Nauman. “We look forward to continued success with our new partners on the East Coast while striving to maintain good relations with our existing ones.”

Currently, INTREN has 12 crews stationed on the East Coast, tasked with upgrading residential services in the Baltimore and Philadelphia area. This Baltimore area work is projected to extend through the end of 2016 with potential plans for project expansion beginning in 2017. With project expansion in 2017, INTREN will begin increasing its footprint to incorporate the training of a local workforce to help further satisfy workload needs. 

One of INTREN’s core values is safety. Safety of employees, jobsites and communities the contractor works in. Last year, INTREN made a significant step forward when its Safety Department revised the company’s safety briefs to involve more conversation and hazard analysis. Moving into 2016, INTREN has taken on the task of helping its clients identify hazards and communicate risk more effectively by working to pilot a site-specific safety program on its West Coast work.

“The California Public Utilities Commission has challenged utilities to work to improve contractor safety,” INTREN’s Regional Vice President, Jason Combs, said. “Part of this challenge is revisiting how we, as contractors, identify and communicate risk with our clients and to our employees. Right now, our Safety Department and field crews are working to develop documents through this pilot program that will help identify, evaluate, and agree upon all hazards before the job begins.”

INTREN’s Concord, California office was chosen as one of two contractors to pilot this safety program. INTREN will use five high risk jobsites as test sites. Hazard analysis and site-specific safety plans will be drafted for overhead reconductor and underground cable replacement projects INTREN is currently working on in Central California through October. Once the pilot program is complete, it is expected that this new program, documents, and procedures will go into effect for all contractors. 

In May, the Crystal Lake Chamber of Commerce awarded INTREN with the 2016 Robert O. Covey Business of the Year Award. Recipients of this prestigious award must exhibit business success in the McHenry County area, be actively involved in professional business organizations and demonstrate a steadfast culture of service and philanthropy.

This annual Robert O. Covey Business of the Year Award is presented in memory of community and business leader Robert Covey, a respected attorney, elected official and bank executive.  Additionally, Mr. Covey held positions on the District School Board, was Vice-Chair of the McHenry County Board, and former President and CEO of a local financial institution – all this while performing countless hours of service as a volunteer for numerous organizations.

INTREN was awarded for its commitment to earning trust as a steward of its customers’ priorities, its community’s interests and company’s success. Beyond the company’s success, INTREN was honored for its far-reaching community involvement, supporting organizations such as: CASA, Lakeside Legacy Foundation, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Girls on the Run, Raue Center for the Arts, and Athena International, to just mention a few.

“All of us at INTREN are honored to receive this recognition named after this exceptional individual who strongly believed – as we do – that stewardship is not just a way of doing business; it is a way of life,” said Loretta Rosenmayer, INTREN Founder & CEO.

Intren's Gold Shovel Certificate and SealContinuing our motto that, “safety is our number one priority,” we are proud to announce that INTREN has receive the PG&E Gold Shovel Standard Certification. This certification is the first of its kind in the industry and is presented to PG&E excavation contractors that adhere to the safest excavation standards.

To obtain this certification, PG&E excavation contractors must perform no more than two dig-ins within a rolling 12-month period and develop and adhere to a Dig-In Prevention Policy that includes an excavation statement, training program, corrective action plan and an Employee Acknowledgment and Accountability Statement.

INTREN is the 21st excavation contractor to receive this certification with PG&E. “This certification is another example of the lengths INTREN goes to in order to provide the safest working environments for our employees, communities and clients,” Regional Vice President, Jason Combs, said. “We look forward to continuing to work with PG&E and provide them and their clients with the safest working conditions.” 

Beginning January 1, 2016, contractors who wish to excavate or subcontract excavation work for PG&E must obtain Gold Shovel Standard Certification by making a commitment to safe digging practices in accordance with the California "One Call Law" (California Government Code 4216) and the Common Ground Alliance best practices for excavation.

For more information on the PG&E Gold Shovel Standard Certification, visit

Intren Lineman Sam RandbyAs the construction industry settles into the 21st century, we have begun to see a shift in the once worn, bearded faces of linemen and journeymen. In 2014, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported women accounted for 8.9 percent of the construction workforce. That is a mere 872,000 of the 9,813,000 currently working in the industry. One of the 8.9 percent of women that is bringing a fresh, new look to the construction industry is Samantha (Sam) Randby, an apprentice in the Missouri Valley Line Constructors Apprenticeship and Training Program.

You may soon come to know Sam as the face of the Federation of Women Contractors as she will be showcased on the front cover of this year’s FWC directory, along with other women from INTREN – Violeta Gonzalez and Nicole Donald. This bright, young lady, though an apprentice lineman, is just an average 24-year old girl. Growing up in rural Duluth, Minnesota, Sam spent her childhood fascinated by anything that moved: from bugs and frogs, to four-wheelers and trucks. As she got older, she found her passion to sing, play guitar and hunting. 

With her father, once a cableman, and grandfather, a troubleshooter for Minnesota Power, it was an easy choice for Sam when she decided on her career path in the electrical industry. “My dad would tell me stories about all the places he worked across the country and how great an experience it was. Occasionally, while working around Duluth, he and my grandpa would be out on the same trouble call. My dad would climb the pole and get to work, while my grandpa would climb up after him and tape my dad's climbers to the pole on the way up. He told me they were always pulling pranks like that on each other." 

Currently based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the Minnesota native is working to become the third generation of linemen in her family. 

Sam claims it was an unexpected message from her father that solidified her choice to become a lineman. “One night, when I was away at line school and doing homework, I got a text from my dad. 'I'm proud of you', was all it said, but those four words meant the world to me."

Sam is now on her final step in the seven step apprenticeship program. Just a few more months and plenty of time working on energized lines, and she may soon have the privilege of becoming a journeyman lineman. As part of the program, apprentices work for different contractors to earn hours of on-the-job training in various aspects of line work such as distribution and transmission. Students also have to attend classes once a month where they complete tasks from atop the pole and make numerous transformer connections. “I like going to class because they teach us things that we may not otherwise learn on the job," Sam said. "Sometimes, depending on the job, you don’t experience as much as you might learn from an activity in class. Obviously no one wants to miss work just to go sit in a room, but if you have to, you might as well learn something.”

For over a year, Sam has been working with INTREN crews all over the Midwest. Currently, she is working on a backyard pole replacement job in Germantown, Wisconsin. Crews are changing out old poles and updating system equipment, so the voltage of the lines can be increased. “Our job is dangerous, so I appreciate that INTREN is all about their employees' safety. They are not out to make a name for themselves, they are there to keep everyone safe and to make sure everyone can go home at the end of the day.”

Even though everything has gone extremely well for Sam thus far in the apprenticeship, being one of the few women in the industry working in the field creates unique situations to tackle. 

"You have to be able to take a joke and learn from your mistakes. I'm very stubborn and try to push my strength when I should ask for help or use mechanical means to accomplish a task. The guys give me a hard time, but I know they're just trying to make me a better apprentice and, ultimately, a better lineman."

While Sam continues to follow in her father and grandfathers' footsteps, she had a few words of advice for those entering the utility industry:

“Don't stand around with your hands in your pockets, try your hardest and be a go getter. No question is a stupid question: if you have any doubt about your ability or what you have been told to do, just ask. And always be your brother's keeper.” 

As Sam continues to progress in the line construction industry, she will no doubt set an example for all future apprentices and women in construction. INTREN, a Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE), will continue to look for apprentices like Sam in order to support and grow minorities and women in the industry.

Intren Executive Vice President Matt TurkMatthew Turk, INTREN’s Executive Vice President, has been named a Director representing the Contractors on the JULIE Board - State of Illinois. Turk has been on the Julie Board as a Vice President representing the contractors for five years prior to this election. Turk will fill the board director seat from 2015-2018. The Julie Board includes representatives of utilities, municipalities, and excavators throughout Illinois.

JULIE provides Illinois excavators and underground utility owners with a continuously improving, onecall message handling and delivery service committed to protecting underground utilities and the safety of people working or living near them.

For more information about JULIE, Inc. or the Julie Board of Directors, visit

Intren Business Development Manager Lloyd GillespieINTREN’s Business Development Manager, Lloyd Gillespie, has been named to the Junior Achievement of Chicago’s Will County Board. Lloyd joins INTREN’s Executive Vice President, Matthew Turk, as a Will County board member. 

Lloyd is one of the many INTREN employees dedicated to helping our communities. INTREN empowers employees’ with the ability to dedicate time in order to participate in wonderful organizations such as Junior Achievement of Chicago. 

The Junior Achievement of Chicago is an educational nonprofit that brings financial literacy, work readiness, and entrepreneurship programs into classrooms from kindergarten through high school. For more information on the Junior Achievement of Chicago, visit

INTREN has been chosen as a premier contractor by Ameren Corporation to serve as a select member of the Ameren Safety Pro Committee. Heading up the committee seat is INTREN’s Safety Professional, Tim Michels, who is based out of INTREN’s St. Louis, Missouri office. Michels will be one of 10 premier contractors to serve on the committee.

Michels, along with other committee members will meet every six weeks to discuss safety incidents, ways to improve business and avenues to improve safety overall. This committee is used as a think tank for ways to improve safety processes in the field. 

This is an especially proud moment for INTREN to be recognized by Ameren as a premier contractor who puts safety as their top priority. As a pillar of INTREN’s core values, safety is first and foremost for INTREN. Being chosen to participate in this committee gives INTREN the opportunity to further position themselves as stewards for safety in the construction community.

For more information on Ameren’s safety initiatives, visit

Intren's Jason Combs participates in a panel discussionAt this year’s Western Energy Institute (WEI) Operations Conference, INTREN’s Regional Vice President, Jason Combs, was one of four distinguished guests on a panel that focused on contract management strategies. Titled, “The Best Bang for Your Buck: Contract Management Strategy,” the panel spoke about how utilities will have to work smarter in order to meet increasing and diverse customer expectations. 

Combs, and the other expert panel members, discussed the need to replace aging infrastructure, maintain and improve existing systems, deal with the emergence of smart grid concepts and customer requests. Panelists spoke on expertise and experience in solving the increasing workload for electrical utilities. The panel explained and examined test strategies to manage the workload and meet obligations by utilizing a contract work-force. They also provided insight on best approaches in order to optimize the use of contractors in organizations. 

Combs spoke about INTREN’s contracted work with ComEd on their Cable Replacement and Cable Fault Program as an example of a turnkey project that exhibited such strategies. In this example, the panel examined the contracting firm’s ability to manage the project from conception to completion, which reduced inefficiency and construction delays due to design issues and the complications of having multiple parties involved. Combs explained how this type of work reduced the amount of information hand offs between firms as the work was previously designed and how this strategy can help stabilize the work flow by establishing long-term contracts.

The opportunity for key leadership to take part of this forward-thinking panel is a prime example of INTREN’s dedication to lead as stewards within the construction industry. With leaders like Combs willing to speak on the turnkey methods and processes INTREN possesses, INTREN will continue to lead as a forward-thinking utility solutions provider.

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A Glowing LED Light BulbDoes it seem like your building leaves the lights on so the stack of papers and file cabinets don’t get scared during the night? If this sounds like your building, you’re not alone. According to ENERGY STAR, an average office building wastes 30% of energy consumed. With a few small changes, commercial buildings could reduce their energy usage by up to 10% with little to no cost to the business or building owner.

Here are 7 tips to help reduce energy usage in the office. Doing so saves your business money and could help the environment.

1. Use a power strip. Using a power strip allows for fast and easy access to a number of devices. A power strip acts as a central connection point for all energy-consuming devices. This gives you the ability to completely disconnect the device from the power supply.

2. Turn off the lights! The easiest way to save energy is to turn the lights off. Designate that the last person in the office to turn off the lights at the end of the day. Also, energy efficient lightbulb use 75% less energy. Spend the couple of dollars and change out your old light bulbs with new, LED ones.

3. Let your office breathe. Clear away obstructions from vents and air returns. You could reduce energy usage by a fourth by allowing your office to breathe.

4. Clean your HVAC system. Cleaning duct work, changing filters and getting annual tune-ups help reduce excessive energy usage and the chance of your aging HVAC system failing.

5. Create an energy saving team. Appoint individuals in your office to an energy-saving team. These individuals will be tasked with learning, creating and implementing new ways to better your office’s energy usage.

6. Recycle. Recycle at your office. Print on both sides of the paper, only print what you need and recycle what you don’t need. Printing less and less amount of times saves energy and reduces our effect on the environment.

7. Earn the ENERGY STAR Certification. By earning the EPA’s ENERGY STAR Certification for your building, your building will use about 35% less energy, saving money on energy costs and inefficiencies. Think about purchasing ENERGY STAR rated products to further reduce your energy usage.

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A promising chartThe U.S. Census Bureau of the Department of Commerce announced encouraging findings in the March 2015 construction spending report. Private and public construction spending for the first three months of 2015 was $6.3 billion above what was spent in the first three months of 2014. Q1 2015 construction spending amounted to $206.7 billion, 3.2 percent above the $200.4 billion spent in Q1 2014.

Ameren Corporation has named INTREN its first “Corporate Partner of the Year.” This award recognizes companies for their efforts to proactively support, mentor and provide the necessary resources to minority diversified companies. This award was presented to INTREN at the 2015 Ameren Supplier Diversity Symposium in recognition of their outstanding, proactive and diverse business engagement by a prime supplier partner.

INTREN’s belief in diversity is not just a way of business but also ingrained in company culture. INTREN is committed to embracing and mentoring other Minority/Women Business Enterprise (M/WBE) companies. They have formed INTREN’s M/WBE Mentoring Program to add value by developing M/WBE Contractors on diverse work types and delivering additional contractor options in the future. In 2014, INTREN vetted over 70 suppliers and worked with 42 of them, 2 of which achieved prime contractor status.

“One of the M/WBE companies that we are spending time to help mentor and partner with is Trice Construction with the help of their President and CEO, Stephanie Hickman” said Loretta Rosenmayer, Founder and CEO of INTREN. “We are proud to assist Trice in becoming a prime contractor.” 

Hickman has spent nearly 25 years working in the utility industry and practicing labor law with a significant portion of her professional career working within the nation’s largest energy company, the Exelon Corporation. 

Ameren Corporation, who serves approximately 2.4 million electric customers and 900,000 natural gas customers between Missouri and Illinois, will begin partnering with INTREN and Trice Construction to complete a manhole replacement project this summer. This is a multi-year contract in excess of $10M.

“We believe this is evidence of an ‘All-In’ partner proactively identifying long-term sustainable relationships that support creating pathways to powerful partnerships,” said Senior Director, Supply Services for Ameren Corporation, Matt Brandt. “While our prime suppliers generally partner with us to provide diverse opportunities, [INTREN] has demonstrated exceptional creativity in a partnering/mentor relationship with a minority owned business that is in many ways a competitor.” 

INTREN’s partnership is a prime example of its belief in stewardship within the construction industry and within our communities. They are an active participant in numerous diversity supplier advocacy organizations including the Minority and Women Business Enterprise Mentoring Program, the Women’s Business Development Center, Women’s Business Enterprise National Council, National Latino Education Institute, Chicago Foundation for Women, and many more. 

“Stewardship is how INTREN has grown, it is how we do business and is how we demonstrate leadership in order to empower other minority owned businesses.” said Rosenmayer. “This award reflects INTREN’s strong commitment to stewardship within the construction industry and beyond. We would like to thank Ameren for leading, motivating and helping us become the partner we are today. We believe that empowering women and minority owned businesses will build lasting partnerships and bring enormous growth and diversity within our industry.” 

Last year, INTREN received Exelon’s Diverse Supplier Award and also received Supplier of the Year and Electric Operations Supplier of the Year awards from Pacific Gas & Electric’s Supplier Diversity Program.