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In an effort to decrease paperwork and improve work function and flexibility for its customers, INTREN has developed a way to provide instantaneous proof of an employee’s Operator Qualifications (OQ) during a client, regulator or internal audit. Before going live this April, INTREN’s operations and support services worked together to implement QR codes on INTREN gas personnel I.D. badges. A QR (Quick Response) code is a matrix barcode optical label that contains information and data that can be read when scanned by today’s modern cellphones.  Badges now display an individual’s OQs through a QR code scanner when viewed on a mobile device.

Led by Steve Canestrini, INTREN Operator Qualifications Manager, and the Human Resources and Information Technology departments, INTREN successfully partnered with staff at MEA to take the auto-generated QR codes and place them on the gas division’s I.D. badges. Now, inspectors or regulators at worksites simply use a QR code reader on their smart phone to scan the INTREN badges, and information regarding the individual’s qualifications will be displayed. Once the information is displayed, the inspectors or regulators can determine the OQ tasks an individual is qualified to complete.

Before the I.D. badge update, crews were required to produce paperwork as proof of employee’s qualification levels before beginning work on any project. Work was sometimes stalled when performing audits while employees retrieved the necessary paperwork required for proof of certification. Certification papers were sorted through, presented and approved before work could resume.

With the I.D. badge update, INTREN worksites are more efficient as audits can happen with little interruption of work. With the help of the Human Resources department, it takes just minutes to update an individual’s OQ information. INTREN is now equipped to readily present verification to its clients that it is providing a skilled and knowledgeable workforce. The update also helps employees understand what type of work they are qualified to perform. For most OQ Tasks, individuals are required to requalify every three years.