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New in 2016, INTREN is proud to announce the launch of our new interactive safety game. We unveiled it at this year’s Midwest Mutual Assistance Group’s (MMA) Conference in Chicago, Illinois, and then showcased it at the May Midwest Energy Association’s (MEA) Electric Operations and Technical Leader Summit in Springfield, Illinois, and again at Edison Electric Institute’s (EEI) Annual Convention in June in Chicago, Illinois.  At each of these conferences, INTREN invited attendees to test their utility safety skills and to share their safety knowledge.

In a time limit of 60 seconds, the game asks the attendees to identify only the photos that depict unsafe procedures. Procedures may include: incorrect PPE, misplaced safety cones, tripping hazards, etc.  Accompanied by photos of safe procedures, attendees select the unsafe photos as they fall from the top of an interactive touch screen. The game provides an interactive way to showcase unsafe behavior that could occur in the field, and how to identify and correct them.

As an industry leader in safety, INTREN is continuously seeking to improve safety on job sites as well as to be part of the safety dialogue in the construction industry. For more information on INTREN’s safety team, visit: To play INTREN’s safety game, stop by our exhibit at the August MEA Gas Operations Technical & Leadership Summit Conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.