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Since January, INTREN has expanded its gas division from the Midwest to new territories on the East Coast. With teams and a project management office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, INTREN has expanded its footprint to the Baltimore, Maryland area to assist another East Coast utility on their distribution system modernization projects.

INTREN’s gas division growth is largely driven by the need for upgrades to utilities’ natural gas infrastructure across the country. With modernization efforts underway throughout the East Coast and Midwest regions, INTREN is in a good position to accept the challenge of taking on natural gas system modernization projects. With East Coast resources strained, INTREN has trained two teams through in-house courses, and has mobilized its fleet earlier this month to begin work in Baltimore.

“This is a great time to be in the contracting industry,” INTREN Account Manager, Doug Anderson, said. “We really have to focus on being strategic about our growth and approach to the work. “The rapid modernization efforts we are seeing from the Midwest to the East Coast have created a fantastic opportunity for INTREN to expand its footprint,” said INTREN Vice President of Gas Operations, Jeff Nauman. “We look forward to continued success with our new partners on the East Coast while striving to maintain good relations with our existing ones.”

Currently, INTREN has 12 crews stationed on the East Coast, tasked with upgrading residential services in the Baltimore and Philadelphia area. This Baltimore area work is projected to extend through the end of 2016 with potential plans for project expansion beginning in 2017. With project expansion in 2017, INTREN will begin increasing its footprint to incorporate the training of a local workforce to help further satisfy workload needs.