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One of INTREN’s core values is safety. Safety of employees, jobsites and communities the contractor works in. Last year, INTREN made a significant step forward when its Safety Department revised the company’s safety briefs to involve more conversation and hazard analysis. Moving into 2016, INTREN has taken on the task of helping its clients identify hazards and communicate risk more effectively by working to pilot a site-specific safety program on its West Coast work.

“The California Public Utilities Commission has challenged utilities to work to improve contractor safety,” INTREN’s Regional Vice President, Jason Combs, said. “Part of this challenge is revisiting how we, as contractors, identify and communicate risk with our clients and to our employees. Right now, our Safety Department and field crews are working to develop documents through this pilot program that will help identify, evaluate, and agree upon all hazards before the job begins.”

INTREN’s Concord, California office was chosen as one of two contractors to pilot this safety program. INTREN will use five high risk jobsites as test sites. Hazard analysis and site-specific safety plans will be drafted for overhead reconductor and underground cable replacement projects INTREN is currently working on in Central California through October. Once the pilot program is complete, it is expected that this new program, documents, and procedures will go into effect for all contractors.