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INTREN Plans to Acquire Miller Construction Company

Why did INTREN join forces with Miller Construction Company?
INTREN is known for anticipating and fulfilling the needs of our customers and we are doing just that by broadening our capabilities through the acquisition of Miller Construction Company. By joining forces, we are continuing our evolution to serve customers in every business segment, wherever they need us geographically.

As a growing total utility-solutions provider, INTREN has sought out like-minded companies with deep expertise that broaden our geographic reach. As a venerated, family-owned business with a culture that perfectly matches INTREN’s, we are delighted to join forces with Miller Construction Company.

Like INTREN, Miller Construction is another woman-owned business that stands for exceptional safety, outstanding customer service, and excellence in our industry, along with a deep caring for their employees and their communities.

How will this affect INTREN and Miller customers?
Our customers can continue to count on what they have always counted on with INTREN and Miller. It is our vision that together, we will create a business that serves every need of every customer. Together, we’re bringing new and deeper innovation and creative solutions for our customers and we’re continuing to build on our platform.

As a WBE, why is this important?
As a woman-owned business, INTREN’s acquisition of Miller provides a unique offering in the marketplace. Utility companies often struggle to meet their goals of hiring diversity contractors. By joining forces, expanding the INTREN footprint and offering deeper and more varied services, we can better serve the needs of new and existing customers.

INTREN can now serve a customer wherever they need us. Joining with Miller shows that there are strong diverse companies in this industry, with the drive, vision and creativity to build a new and different offering to the workplace. With our focus on diversity of thought and creative solutions, we will create an innovative workplace.

What does the marketplace need to know?
We will be a complete full-service provider in the diversity space. There is not going to be another company like INTREN.
INTREN is creating a different kind of company, not just women-owned, but one that shares our values and vision of transforming the way business is done.

We’ll continue seeking out other companies with leaders who want to bring something unique to the marketplace and do well by doing good. It is easy to buy a company, but we are also searching for partners that align with the INTREN culture. Miller and INTREN are transparent and committed to building trust in the marketplace.

How are both INTREN and Miller’s culture similar?
Miller Construction is a third-generation, respected family business that aligns with our core values of safety, integrity, customer focus, employee empowerment and stewardship. INTREN and Miller have similar roots and are driven by excellence, and in doing power differently.

How will this affect Miller’s employees?
We envision a smooth transition for Miller’s business, customers and employees. We’ll continue to celebrate their company’s tremendous history and culture, while embracing them as part of the INTREN family. As a larger company, we will also offer Miller employees additional training/development, benefits and opportunities for growth within INTREN.

Will Miller’s CEO and President still be active with INTREN?
Miller CEO Christina Ernst will become the newest member of INTREN’s Board of Directors, bringing the number of female members to five, which is rare in any industry, much less construction. President Andy Carmean will serve as INTREN’s newest Regional Vice President and will continue to oversee the Vincennes and Troy locations. He will be an integral part of INTREN’s Leadership Team.