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1920: Telephone lineman Gordon C. Miller creates his own company that perseveres through the Great Depressiona newspaper article about Gordon Miller

: The Miller Company is formally incorporated with Patrick Size during the era of Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal legislation

a series of photos from the Alaska telephone line construction
: Miller Construction Co. rises to prominence as an Indiana contractor by constructing the Alaska Highway Telephone Line for the US Army Corp of Engineers. Over 2,000 miles of communication lines were installed.

an early model space shuttle takes off while observers record the event
: In order to bring power to the NASA base at Cape Canaveral - the launch point for Gemini, Mercury, and Apollo missions - Miller Construction ran power lines through Florida swamps

: Miller receives its first woman-owned certification - the same year Loretta Rosenmayer and "Trench-It" received its WBE credentialsChris and Bill Miller stand in front of photos from the previous generations of Miller Construction

Three generations of Miller helmed the Miller Construction Company: Gordon, William, and Chris. Bill Miller, Chris' brother, recently retired as COO

Chris and Kelly's billboard announcing Miller's merge with INTREN
: INTREN and the Miller Construction Co. merge to become one of the largest owned and operated WBE specialty utility contractors in the country