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Electric Utility

We understand thriving communities are built upon a reliable electrical infrastructure, and we are proud to help safely empower the lives and businesses of our utility partners’ customers. This belief, backed by our culture of stewardship, proven safety record and history of success has earned us the trust of electrical utility leaders in numerous markets.

Our Scope of Work

While we service projects of all sizes, our highly experienced team specializes in turnkey and custom electric utility solutions for large-scale design/build ventures. The critical services we provide span from overhead and underground installations and repairs to ongoing maintenance, design and upgrades.


  • New construction and rebuild
  • Overhead to underground conversions
  • Storm hardening and spacer cable installation
  • Facility relocation
  • Degraded wood pole replacement programs

Underground Residential Distribution (URD)

  • Services: trench and terminate
  • Mainline: trench, set, terminate and liven
  • Street lighting
  • Turnkey cable replacement

Conventional/Heavy Underground

  • Manhole and duct installation
  • Manhole structural and electrical inspections
  • Cast-in-place manholes and vaults – new construction and complete replacement
  • Manhole roof and wall replacement
  • Vault roof repair and replacement
  • Cable pulling and splicing
  • Flagging, shoring, frames and covers
  • Manhole pumping and cleaning

Storm and Emergency Response

  • Coast to coast experience
  • Servicing existing customers with quick responding regional crew
  • Mutual assistance process for hurricane and major storm response


  • Below grade: civil, electric and grounding
  • Above grade: structure and equipment installation
  • Testing support

Fault Repair

  • Turnkey fault repair program including; work planning, excavation. Repair, switching and restoration
  • Fault Types: Primary, secondary main, service & street light

Directional Boring

  • Cable, poly pipe and steel casings

Specialty Services

We are also a proven solutions provider for a number of specialty services, including:

  • Pre-Engineering walk-downs
  • Locating services: URD, substation, secondary and street light faults
  • Hydro excavation and vacuum excavation
  • AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure)

Training and Safety

Every INTREN employee and crew member receives extraordinary levels of ongoing training to guarantee safety and performance on all projects. In-house courses paired with union and other valuable industry training programs ensure our employees’ skill sets remain on the cutting edge. Our core practices include:

  • Self-assessment
  • Key performance indicators
  • Pro-active prevention
  • Leadership Training
  • Signatory in numerous construction labor unions