Electric Utility

While INTREN is a proven solutions provider on projects of all sizes, we specialize in large-scale design/build electrical projects.

Electric Utility

Electric Utility


Electric Utility

Range of Services

All members of the INTREN team understand that they are fully accountable to our company and our clients. We fully support the concept of teamwork and engage in numerous continuing education initiatives to be sure that INTREN delivers extraordinary services to our electric utility company clients.


  • • Electrical distribution design


  • Overhead

  • • New construction and rebuild
  • • Overhead to underground conversions
  • • Aerial cable


    Conventional Underground

  • • Manhole and duct installation
  • • Cable pulling and splicing
  • • Flagging, shoring, frames and covers
  • • Manhole pumping and cleaning*


  • Pre-Engineering Walk-Downs

    Underground Residential Distribution

  • • Services - trench and terminate
  • • Mainline - trench, set, terminate and liven
  • • Street lighting


    Fault Repair

  • • Primary, secondary, street lights


    Directional Boring

  • • Cable, poly pipe, steel casings


    Locating Services*

  • • URD, substation, secondary


Storm Response and Emergency Response